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ICE car blocking Supercharger

I visited the new Tesla Supercharger station on I-95 in Milford, CT the other day (southbound side). One of the two stations was occupied by a Honda Accord. I'm afraid this will become a fairly common occurrence, since these are premium spots near the convenience store/dining, even though the spots are clearly posted as for Tesla vehicles only. A couple came out and got in their car a few minutes later. I wanted to make a snappy comment guaranteed to shame this guy, but I was at a loss. Anyone have any ideas for rebukes that aren't likely to cause a fistfight?

How about "Wow I didn't know Tesla made the Accord!".

I read somewhere that there is no law (maybe State dependent?) to preclude non-EV cars from parking in those charging spaces. That needs to change in my opinion.

How about "would you appreciate it if you pulled into a gas station and I had parked my car in front of the gas pump while I wasn't using it?"

Nice suggestion,! I was thinking of something like "Wow, is that one of those new electric cars you're driving?" guys are too nice. I would've just blocked them in and extend the charging cord, if it can stretch that far.

hmm, I doubt the cord would extend that long, if it's like the other superchargers, it barely reaches the car when you are parked correctly! 2-3 feet at most.

Or perhaps call the local authorities and see if such a parking restriction exists? I always got chapped when I was blocked from entry by a gas burner at public charge station when I lived in Orange County Ca.

In my own personal opinion...
I believe that chargers should not be placed in premium parking locations. If anything they should be placed further away to prevent occurrences like these from happening. It's really a win-win. You get free electricity and a greater chance of having an open parking spot with charger. Gas car owners don't feel compelled to take your parking spot out of ignorance/spite/jealousy/etc. Again, just my personal opinion. Easy for me to say though since I'm not disable or handicapped.

Ideally I would prefer that laws are enacted to prevent this kind of behavior but I'm sure the likelihood of this happening anytime soon is quite small. And even so, they will probably be treated like handicapped parking spaces which are generally abused by people "just running in for a few minutes."

Don't need a law in a private parking lot. There just needs to be a sign that says 'Non-compliant cars will be towed and owners expense.' There are tow companies lining up to make this kind of easy money.

Although I agree with tork. Don't make ICE drivers hate BEVs.

Why starts any kind of fight or argument, patient is golden.

But I agree, they should build rest of the parking spaces away from prime spot. I don't like to park my vehicle close to people anyway to avoid car ding and scratch. This would be a good suggestion to voice to TM.

Type "you park like a ..." into google and pick one of the many fine sites that specialize in shaming people that park like , well, "like a ..." ;-)

Slip one of these under his windshield wiper:

I'd do the last one!!!

I carry a few of these in my glove box:

how about spikes underground that disappears only with tesla's hidden transponder. or atleast put up a sign that says "Caution: spikes will activate and damage your tire if you are not driving Telsa vehicle"

although I may want to, but a nasty note may have unintended consequences, it would cost you way more if they get nasty and keyed your Tesla or maybe some other innocent Tesla! I think the first two blink notes are more appropriate.

A sticky patch that says, "Buy an EV to qualify for this spot", that shreds into tiny pieces that have to be removed one by one.

Or Telsa could put in cameras that use image recognition to spot non-Tesla cars, and make some kind of loud sound. Beeping, a person asking you to remove your car, whatever

Tork is correct. The only way to ensure that ICE's are not parked in these spots is to install these spots in less desirable locations. If this were the case there would be no reason for ICE vehicles to want to use these spots. This would avoid unnecessary confrontations.

Just walk over and shove the electric cable into his gas tank...
P.S. - move back a few hundred feet.

Jerks park in handicapped spots all the time, without regard to he law.
We will never be able to stop then all.
When they leave you will be able to charge. When you leave, they will still be a jerk.

Take a picure of the car in the spot including the license plate.
Then someone needs to create a web site for displaying all of these until the owners can be identified and fined or punished in some way. We need a creative guru to handle this.

i think it's ok from them to park non-Teslas for a short time

We should come up with a VERY realistic looking parking ticket (not related to any company, or Tesla), that will shock the crap out of anyone who does this, when they come back to their car.

Then at the very bottom of the ticket (under where it says where to appear in court, the date, violation, fees, etc) in a very tiny 2pt font...

"You are probably really pissed, shocked, and freaking out right now because you got a ticket for being a dumb-ass, or smart-ass by parking in a clearly marked 'EV only' charging station spot. The shock, anger, etc you are experiencing right now is not much different than shock, anger, etc the person who placed this ticket on your car was feeling seeing your gasoline burning vehicle, parked in a designated electric-vehicle charging station spot. The next time you do this in the future, the ticket you find might very well be a REAL ticket, or worse".

i drove to NY (the Bronx) from philly area today to drop off my daughter at school. it was really my second day with the car (got my temp tags yesterday so today was really my first learning of how the range would be. its a 240 round trip for me and i left with exactly 240 rated miles. knowing that would not do it on a cold day and driving the NJTP (70 is slow on this highway) I knew I would need a top off in the bronx...I found a somewhat new charge point station in the parking garage of the botanical gardens right next to her school and i even called there in advance to confirm its there and working. When I arrived there were in fact two parking stations but both had gas cars in them.. I asked the garage employee to move the cars and he was very hesitant as I dont think he actually had the authority to do so as the signing does not indicate such. it just says electric car parking. while waiting for the garage employee, the owner of one of the cars walks back to his car with his two small children and I just say - why do you think its ok for you to park in that spot? and that there was a tow truck being called to move his car (which I was not actually sure was happening)... his response was a sheepish - the guy told me to park anywhere...
I did get my top off of about 55 more miles of range and got home with about 25miles available.

for this to work, garage owners need to be diligent in enforcing the EV parking for EVs.. and I agree with keeping EVs in not the best parking spot.

There's no easy answer to this problem. The EV stalls tend to be in the more desirable parking locations, not necessarily as a perk to us, but because of the extraordinary cost of running the cabling to the outer reaches of the parking lot. The ICE drivers don't even think about that. They think we are getting some undeserved bennie and park in the EV spots out of spite or stupidity.

They're just bunch of ASSHOLES.

"Path of least resistance."

I ALWAYS park away from other cars (no door dings!) and walk the few extra steps.
Tesla should position recharging spots so they are NOT easy, or attractive to the general masses.
Heck, put them in a freakin empty lot -- I'll take a nap or surf the web while recharging at a supercharger location.

(Or, just walk a few extra steps.)

+1 Anthony

I posted on a previous thread which seems to have disappeared, the idea of printing up warning notices, that can be stuck to the windshield of offending cars with a text as follows:


You have parked in an Electric Vehicle Charging and/or Parking Space.

The Electric Vehicle Charging Parking Space is for electric vehicles only.

A non-electric vehicle which parks here makes charging impossible for an electric vehicle owner
who might need to charge in order to get home. Please be considerate.

Because electric vehicle charging stations are new, you are not being ticketed or towed at this time.
However, your license plate has been noted by the management and future violations will result
in the offending car being ticketed and/or towed at the car owners expense.


The Management

Or alternatively:

Electric Vehicle Charging & Parking Police

I like the blink notices, but I like GoTeslaChicago's wording better.