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Does the S make for an easy grocery getter like a Leaf?

I have an S on order. Currently I have a Leaf which is such a great around town car. I'd rather own just one car. My question is, with the lower stance, and lower seating, is the Model S annoying getting in and out as you do errands around town or am I worrying about nothing? Would I miss my leaf if I sell it?
Thanks, Gene

I moved from a LEAF to a Model S (my wife now drives the LEAF), and I don't find it annoying to get in/out of. I use the front trunk with the cargo net for groceries/etc so it doesn't slide around.

But no, you won't miss the LEAF once you upgrade. The LEAF is a great car, but it is nothing compared to the Model S.

I put the grocery in the well of the trunk, not frunk. works great, it's actually big enough for a lot of bags! Doesn't slide around either.

So who's a grocery frunker, and who's a trunker? ;)

Frunker all the way! I don't have S yet but use
It all the time on 08 Cayman .
Can't wait to have a frunk on a sedan.

The "S" is a joy. What you will have to adjust to, is going from a small car to a very large one.

Brian H. Trunker.

The answer is Yes, except that I typically don't have any problem carrying or lifting things, so I don't know how the Model S compares to other cars in that regard. However, the powered lift gate is quite convenient. I don't even use the fob. Even when I'm carrying things, it's usually easy for me to push the button/handle with one finger.

Oh and I never use the frunk. If only it were powered...

Since the trunk is powered, and the frunk isn't, it's gotta be the trunk. But if there's a crowd, I just might have to pop open the frunk :)


But if there's a crowd, I just might have to pop open the frunk :)"

When I do that some people gasp, and some crack up, but all are amazed when the frunk is opened and there is no engine!

Thank you all for the response. Really the Model S isn't so big. My son has a Hyundai Sonata with is only a few inches shorter.

Has anyone installed the little USB hamster wheel in the frunk?
Just to show off your power source?

I like using the trunk well for groceries, but since I got a trunk mat it's less convenient. I need to rig a Velcro hinge so the well cover doesn't slide aft when I lift it.

I don't use the frunk unless I have to, because I worry I'll dent the lid when I close it, even with the two-palm technique.

@STEVEZ +1 !!

Back to the OPs point, I think you're worried about nothing. It's not a sports car, it's a family sedan. The seats don't feel low to me.

MS is our only car. It's for everything.

Compared to my Prius, I'm much more careful where I park. A Model S suitable parking space is where you are not too close to other cars that might ding your door.

Actually I prefer a little extra walking, and the Model S is such a pleasure to drive.

I prefer my junk in the frunk. Don't have my MS yet, but I just wanted to say that.

All great comments. Thanks guys for the replies. I expect the S to be my only car.

No comparison between a Leaf and a MS. As for groceries, the trunk wins for the well to keep from slding around. Got 4 decent sized bags in it yesterday and all arrived at home upright! Soon you'll forget you owned a Leaf.

I filled a shopping cart for a Christmas party and all that stuff fit in my Frunk! I love taking my Model S out and even to the local Grocery Store!

Yeah, 5+ cu. ft. is a LOT of groceries!

I've owned a Leaf for about 18 months now. Took delivery of the Model S, which the wife drives, about a month ago. I drive the Leaf. Honestly, I absolutely LOVE the Model S and create every excuse to drive it...however, for runs to the store or "around town", we drive the Leaf because we don't want the Model S jammed into small parking spaces. The Leaf is now the official "dog car"...which sucks because I have to keep vacuuming it out as getting dog hair out of the Model S is difficult (we're waiting on the floor mats)

It's fun to frunk. My wife and I frunked at the grocery store, and she observed people were staring, puzzled. But unless I have an audience, I like the power lift gate the tech package has for in the back. Wish the frunk had a better way to close it.

I suppose that if the low stance is an issue, lifting the air suspension might help (provided, of course, that you have it installed and it doesn't turn out to be a hassle)?

As for a good grocery getter, absolutely! The truck is so huge and useful that I've never been at a loss for space.

As for Frunk vs. Trunk, I'm Trunk, but probably only because I keep forgetting that it's there! Too much ICE in my diet, probably :)

Put a little sticky on your dash, saying "UTFS". (Use The Frunk, Stupid!) );)

Use the frunk, Luke! ;)

Only if you Force me to.

I don't have my car yet, but I think I'd love to frunk.

It seems to fill the natives with awe when they see you loading or unloading!

Frunk for me!