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Would like to change wheel choice

We are 2 weeks from delivery..would like to change to 19" from the 21" we purchase aftermarket rims...have you tried to change options after the fact...seems like it would be a simple change..experiences on this topic?

If you are interested, I am looking change my 19" for a set of 21". If you are unable to Change and are interested in swapping please contact me. I'm in Toronto

Most have had no luck this close to delivery. You can call and ask though.

Right...I just called, its not possible to change at this point...

What part of the country are you in?

We live in Northern CA...


I have the 19" and you would like to swap with me. I've had my S for just a few months. Else would u be willing to sell yours?

Joseph 510-919-2955

Maybe. We pick up and do factory tour next weekend..We'll be in touch...