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Will the Model X Stability Control Package include Roll Stability Control (RSC)?

For some reason this didn't post correctly before. Trying again...

Even though the Model X will probably have the lowest center of gravity by far of any SUV on the market, most folks associate a higher rollover accident potential with SUV's in general.

In the Model X debut, EM highlighted the inherently superior independent wheel torque control of the Model X over "a dumb mechanical linkage" in your typical AWD vehicle and the resulting vastly superior traction/stability control potential. I'm thinking that it make sense to further capitalize on this by also including Roll Stability Control (RSC) in the traction/stability control firmware package. Does anyone know if that is already in the plan?

I think it's built in to the air suspension, at least.

Speaking of suspensions and such, I wonder if the hold-up in mechanical suspensions on the S is that it's almost impossible to duplicate the "lean-free" cornering of the air shocks.

My opinion is that "lean free" (sounds like some diet food) has more to do with the low centre of gravity than it does the air suspension. Road irregularities on the other hand...

Actually, "lean free" would be more like a weight-gain program for Sumo wrestlers ...