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why are the seat belts not smooth like other manufacturers??

I did a amped up test drive and have sat in two other model s cars. All of these cars the seat belts didn't come out smooth or retract well. Are the new ones coming out working correctly or is it just an Arizona thing. thanks

This really depends on what you're used to doing. If you pull the belt across your chest, no problems. If, however, you're used to pulling it out and then across your chest, then perhaps the design could be improved. Like many things on the S, you'll probably just get used to it and it's a non-issue. Admittedly, there may be some body types where it's more of an issue.

If you check out Ben Goodwin's Youtube channel (Cinergi on the TMC forum) one of the videos shows the problems extending the rear seat belts if you don't pull in exactly the right direction. But he didn't say there were any problems with the fronts.

the height is not adjustable either, although it fits me pretty well, so no complaints there