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New BMW i8 - Will this be the Model S killer?

It's a hybrid. So... no.

"In electric-only mode, BMW projects a range of about 22 miles per charge..."

Great that the major automakers are doing this. It makes one realize how hard it is to do what Tesla has done...props to Elon.

Gee, another hybrid that cost more than $125k. Hmmm, how is it any different from a Fisker?

What competition? It's just another weekend toy. The only thing it will kill is your wallet.

A fully loaded P85+ would be in the same price range and still out run it any day. Would you get functional daily driving 7 seater or a 2 seater weekend toy?

Simpel anser: NO!


I'd never buy it but I would not be so fast dismissing it altogether.

As we know there are many folks who want all the premium features in an above 100K vehicle and really don't care if it is all electric or hybrid. I'm pretty sure the i8 will be quick off the line - it is a BMW after all. Will it beat the Model S - probably not but this could become an alternative for many.

Almost 100mpg and still a sporty look - it'll make people feel better about owning a luxury sedan even though it is not 100% electric.

Glad that it looks good for a change. It's quite different from Tesla, so will appeal to different people. For those who need approval from the masses, BMW is a more widely valued name today. Plus, there truly are people who like the sound of an ICE engine. To me, it's a little schizophrenic.

Curious what the price will be. So far, it's hard to make hybrid in price par to ICE for the same performance, while full electric has the potential or to certain extend achieved par or cheaper price in case of Tesla.

It is a small light coupe, so it is not really trying to compete with the MS. At least this one finally has good performance, and because of it's size, it's eMPG is on par with the MS, which is a feat for a good performing hybrid. Would definitly compete with the gen III, depending on price.

Hybrid technology has had its day. There's no longer any reason to buy one now that Elon has proven there's a better way.

Handling might be weird as well, "The 3-cylinder gas engine will power the rear wheels while the electric motor will be linked to the front axle."

So it would be a FWD car in all electric mode, and an AWD car in hybrid mode. I'm sure BMW will make it work, but it seems like it would feel much different.

Random sighting and walkaround footage at a... gas station.

Note the solid colored roof. Looks like a good place for a "pano."

@Carefree BMW has stated a 0-60 time of 4.5 seconds - that is fast, but still slower than an MS off the line.

It may be attractive for Autobahn driving in Germany, since the MS tops out at 132mph and the I-8 will go to 155mph.

But it really is a very different car. Only 2 functional seats, very little storage space, and the increased complexity that comes with a hybrid powertrain.

It will sell, especially with the BMW name behind it. Some customers will need the range that a hybrid offers. But many more people would be better off with the MS.

Ummm. Lets see. I can blow it away off the line with 7 people and my costco groceries using zero gas and it's made in America.... Difficult decision.

It's not a Model S killer, but it is however a Fisker killer. I expect this car to sell at least as well as the Fisker.

As many people pointed out above, it's got nothing much in common with the S. Well, they both have 4 tires.

The only thing I like it overn the MS is the i8 is more the size I want.

Didn't Fisker kill itself?

oh jeahh ... and now you even need a wider and taller garage.. well with this price tag (will be way over 130EUR) shouldn't be a major problem...
otherwise i kinda like the looks (at least better than i3) but still like the MS x1000 for the sleek-clean lines- beside the tech shortcomings -
NO... definitely NOT al S-Killer

..and its soo not stealthy...


In the vid, note the shark fin antenna on the pano roof, and the glimpses of the tiny screen - 7"?

Wonder how well the 2-speed gearbox will hold up. Since half the power comes from an ICE, which has lower torque, it's probably workable. That probably accounts for the higher top end.


It has almost the same specs (range, performance, etc) as the new panamera plug-in, which sells for $100K. I can't imagine how the i8 could compete with either the Model S (or the Panamera plug-in, if you are in the market for a high-end hybrid).

It would be a mistake to under-estimate the competition. While I don't think this is an MS killer (too expensive and too complicated), the question is how many iterations will it take BMW to get there.

To me, the most interesting thing about the car is the heavy use of carbon fiber and the weight savings it provides--apparently 50% over steel and 30% over aluminum--the i8 weighs in at ~3,300 pounds. Much as the Tesla battery technology is a long-term competitive advantage for them, I think BMW's CF chassis technology is going to pay off in the long term for them.

I would also guess some potential P85 buyers will end up in the i8 camp - its green, its fast, it looks exotic, it has a snazzy interior, it has no range anxiety and the the BMW cachet will help bridge the price difference. Unlikely enough defectors to prove fatal to Tesla, but probably enough to force them to up their game (yay for competition)


PS I forgot to mention, it probably also has parking sensors :)

It's going to be pretty and will handle great, with the lightweight CFRP chassis.

But the hybrid power train is last gen tech. Another technology half-step, that's an expensive exotic.

Progress, but definitely trying to dissuade buyers from pure electric.

First of all it's a Bemer. Meaning it got to suck. Second, it's not a true electric car. Third, I wish people will stop using "killer this" or "killer that". There are only two companies that will be able compete with Tesla in the future and that will be Mercedes (mainly because they have a bunch load of money and they know the workings of Tesla) and Porsche (they only have hybrids now, but they're moving very quickly. I wouldn't be surprised if they came up with something in an year or two).

I suspect it will have minimal impact on tesla.

1. 2 seater is different market segment vs. 5 + 2 (MS) or 7 (MX).
2. hybrid with low range vs. full EV with decent range.
3. Unlikely to compete with Gen III on price (120K vs. 40K)

The only thing it might compete on is looks (stress MIGHT). It's a sharp looking car, but not enough to make me even consider it. it seems the main competition would would be vs. used roadster.

As everyone is aware, one of the biggest problems with electric cars is the range. Tesla is solving the problem with Supercharger stations, while other car companies don't have a solution for this. To work around the problem (not a solution in my mind), they use a gas engine to extend range.

I would like to see other car manufactures team up with Telsa to produce more Supercharing stations that can be used by a wide variety of car brands. It would spark (pun intended) more competition in the electric vehicle market and accelerate the technology. Everyone wins!

The car gets 22 miles of electric range oh man

I'd consider it if it had Tesla battery and power train.

It's disappointing to see that BMW doesn't trust 100% electric power enough to put it in all the i-series cars... or maybe they are just struggling to make the engineering work. Also I fail to see how a 130k Euro car with a 1.5 litre engine and a tiny battery pack will appeal to anyone other than those who absolutely must have a BMW.

It'll be a shame if BMW's failure to sell many i-series cars puts other manufacturers off building hybrids and EVs. I'm no automotive industry expert, but I'm really surprised that Tesla is still the only company building EVs with more than a 100 mile range. Where are all the other Elon's??

It seems more relevant to compare it to the Roadster than to the Model S. Of course it loses in every respect in that comparison too except top speed...