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Delivery being delayed 2 weeks?

I had a delivery scheduled for 8/23. Yesterday I spoke with someone at the factory and I did decide to reconfigure my car to add the new options. I'm still upset about the fact that I had to go with new pricing on the already confirmed options. Anyway, two different people at Tesla told me yesterday that adding the new options to my order WOULD NOT CHANGE my delivery date. My delivery would still continue AS SCHEDULED. Today I got a call from my delivery specialist that we need to change the date and my car wouldn't be available until 9/5, the earliest. He said it was due to retooling at the factory because of the new options. Something doesn't feel right. Has this happened to anyone else? What would cause their schedule to change this much?

The new options require retooling of the line - not new presses, but the workflow layout has to change. I think you got an overly optimistic outlook initially that the schedule doesn't change, the 2 weeks delay looks more realistic do me.

Yes, yesterday when I asked the agent what would happen if I did decide to pay more she said that it would be done as scheduled. But today I spoke to someone else and they said any changes would result in a delay.

I figured there was no way that they could still have it done in time. I agree with Kleist that you got someone WAY overly optimistic. I figured that it probably would take longer than what they are saying.

That's part of the big frustration is getting different information from various sources within a very short amount of time.

Please realize that TM is doing it for the first time... so some confusion is not unexpected.


I understand the impulse to give TM slack during growing pains but they should simply instruct their front line team to learn how to say, "I don't know."

@jtodtman - totally agree. Failure to comunicate timely to the front troops. Wasn't meant to give TM any slack.

I just got an email from Jerome (VP of Sales that reports directly to Elon) and I asked him if I reconfigured to give me an ACCURATE estimate of how much of a delay it would be. He said he would email me back tomorrow about it so I'll post back.

I agree it's totally essential that ALL Tesla staff members give out accurate information. After all, we're not talking about some phone here...we're talking about a $100,000+ car in many instances.

I'm seriously thinking about reconfiguring now as it does NOT sound like retrofitting the PDC is going to be cheap or easy.

I was told this delay was not due to configuration change but due to needing to retool line at the factory. If this is the case, shouldn't everyone else with deliveries promised around 8/23 and later also see a 2 week delay?

I suspect what the people you spoke with yesterday meant was that reconfiguring would not place you back at the beginning of the queue like a new order.

We were originally given a delivery estimate of 8/19. We did not make any changes to our order, but our delivery estimate is now 8/30. The delay may in fact be due to other reasons.

Just at an observation, when folks configure, then go through a manual process of reconfiguration weeks before delivery, then make multiple calls to the reps and when the date slips, start dialing and emailing the executives...

It slows the line down, causes churn, and adds cost to the process.

Everyone out there with manufacturing, project management, or customer service background realizes this.

Let the people do their jobs for peat's sake.

My order is still on track for 8/15.

Are you saying that you confirmed your price with options with your deposit, and now at delivery you are having to pay the new higher prices?

You modified your order so don't be shocked if that causes some delay. And 2 weeks delay is noting my friend........

@scmbug...there is no mystery to they said they are retooling...that creates some down time.

In general I don't think US customers should be surprised if delivery length from now on is a little bit longer because TESLA is producing now not only for US customers but also for world-wide customers.....perhaps delivery length will be longer by few weeks from now on.........reasonable..............

Pete's sake. Reference to St. Peter, I believe.

Oh, my bad.

What I really wanted to say was unprintable.

FYI - Pretty jazzed. Today I'm taking my nephew to see the factory in Fremont, and taking Nikki back to her birthplace. I saw the factory before it was in production, but being the nerd I am, we are going to see it in production today. Whoot!

FYI. Miki Sofer | Program Manager, Sales Operations contacted me just now to tell me if I didn't change my configuration then my delivery date of August 24 shouldn't change. She said if I changed my configuration it would only take maybe a week later.

I'm going to speak to someone today via phone to get the exact price difference. So it sounds like for those that reconfigured to add in PDC or something else it won't delay it too much from the original delivery date which is great.

My date was August 23. Got a message yesterday. Called back today. My date is now September 5, and I did NOT change anything!

The reason given was retooling.
"Did your management give you anything to offer in order to compensate for such delay?"
"No. But your car is now actually more valuable."
"Is that the line everyone supposed to say? So they just left you between the bad news and customers?"
"Yes. But I'm willing to listen to any of your concerns. Call me any time if you have any concerns."...

In a way it's good, for I'm chickening out of the trip to DC on August 26. Now it's no longer my lack of guts, rather Tesla's fault that voided such journey :-)

Got my call today. Changed from 8/20 to 8/26. Wonder when I will get the next call. Maybe they ran out of clean air to put in the tires.

I paid my deposit in 2010. Got my car in 2013.

What a bunch of hard asses. Is it really worth getting upset about a two week delay? There were people on these forums waiting for their cars for more than two years.

...and did not know if there will ever be a car and the deposit gone.

Yes we owe a lot to the folks that took a leap of faith.

@ThomasK @mrspeghetti we too waited years for our first Sig Model S to be delivered. A delivery date was not set for years. We anxiously waited patiently.
THIS is our second Model S and quite different. If they had told me it was going to take 3 months or whatever, it is what it is. What I was questioning is already making the delivery appointment. Being assured by a few Tesla personnel that my date was on schedule. Then being told it was delayed 2 weeks due to factory retooling which mysteriously didn't effect most who had deliveries scheduled around the same time.
You sure are quick to judge.

No quicker than you are judging Tesla. Come on man, there were many reasons to choose to complain then, and there are reasons to choose to complain now. Although I was P42 I stood in line while they got all the 85s out the door. Then I had to wait 'cause black wasn't immediately available. But you know what, it's a new company, learning how to do things for the first time. You already have a model S. That's almost worse. Good luck to you. I hope the two weeks go by quickly.

It sounds like a lot of people with late August / early September delivery estimates are going to see delays of a week or two. My delivery date was 9/6, now it's 9/12 -- my contact in Rockville called me proactively today to let me know. He readily acknowledged that a lot of people were upset with the changes.

For the record, I'd really like parking sensors, but I think it would have cost me $5000+ to otherwise keep the same design (closer to $500 if I give up a bunch of now-unbundled options), so I decided to change nothing. Instead, I've been added to the list of people interested in retrofit info whenever it becomes available.

I can't say I'm happy with the delay, or with the lack of ability to add parking sensors for $500, or with the way it was all "announced" this weekend. But I ordered (7/21) and finalized (7/29) the car in a certain way. Tesla isn't required to even give me an opportunity to change it (but they did), and they're still well within their original 1-2 month delivery estimate.

I suspect none of this will matter one bit once I take delivery -- I'll be too busy adjusting to the permanent Tesla Grin.

mrsspaghetti is right on. Others waited years...I can handle it if I'm delayed a week or so.

As far as I'm concerned, quality trumps speed every time.

For my first Model S, I waited 39 months. My second Model S will be delayed by one week and delivered five weeks after I placed the order. I'm not bothered by the delay - quality and innovation are worth waiting or!


Appointments get canceled/rescheduled all the time in the real world. It happened to me with my dentist last week. Live with it.

Actually the original point of my whining was to find out if this 2 week delay "due to retooling at the factory" was in fact, why it was delayed and if this effected people with similar delivery expectations. Otherwise it was just anxious disappointment and understandable. In the scheme of things, looks like my question was blown out of proportion.

@Dripps, I'd love to know what you think of the latter builds in terms of fit and finish compared to your first. I've been wondering how much "learning" Tesla has done. Hope you get it soon. Best, TK

I too chose to stick with my current order rather than be forced to reconfigure for $7,500 more just to add $500 parking sensors. So I was a bit dismayed today though when my Delivery Specialist told me my "week of 9/2" delivery is now delayed another week. To allow factory retooling so they can add parking sensors to other cars that will be assembled right next to mine, I suspect. A little petty, perhaps, but still stings. For a 6 figure purchase, you want everything to go smoothly. This has not.