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Car Insurance

I am trying to get insurance for my Model S. I called Progressive right now and they didn't even know the car. After spending about 30 minutes on the phone, they quoted 5600$/year. They stated it is a very expensive car.

Any advice?

Any other company?



$1556 per year. State Farm.


+1 Geico. Get a quote online, Model S is on the list of choices.

CSAA added my new S at the same rate as my old Mercedes E55. I was pleasantly surprised.

There is another long thread on this, but I got my insurance from State Farm for less than I pay for my 2005 Buick.

@krajewskimd - I had a problem like that, then called back and talked to an actual underwriter or whatever it's called; the first person you talk to isn't that and knows nothing beyond what he/she punches into the computer. Once I talked to a real insurance person at Progressive, who agreed the quote I'd gotten (like $3000-$4000 I think) was crazy, she had to do some work but got back to me before long (minutes, not hours) with a quote that's only a little higher than my 2000 Mazda Miata.

So in short, call back and complain, like I did, and get transferred to an insurance underwriter or whatever it's called. You may have to call in normal business hours, BTW.

+1 geico. avoid AAA

++ Geico, only $300 more than my Civic

I have Progressive. My price is nowhere near as high as $5600 a year.

If you do a quote online, their estimator tool knows about Model S. However, when actually buying insurance, their system does not know about Model S. You will just have to do a Stated Value and the insurance will be based on the facts about the car: does it have air bags? Horsepower? Vehicle tracking? Type of car? etc etc

New Jersey Manufacturers, $1819
NJ is an expensive state and car seem rated like most new luxury sedans

State Farm $1240/yr TX

Liberty Mutual. $600 a year as my third car.

All State is very competitive.

USAA, avoid Allstate...

state farm, ~ 1200 per year with $250 deductable. Second car, and home with an umbrella under same policy.

I concur with the sentiments regarding Progressive. Get a hold of an actual underwriter (call in, ask to escalate your call to a manager or supervisor).

Our rates were pretty low with a 2004 Wrangler Rubicon and a 2012 Durango, so I knew we'd be looking at a healthy increase; however, I was pleasantly surprised when we were quoted only about $600 a year more.

For comparison's sake, I am 33 and my wife is 35 - married, one kid, garaged in a residential neighborhood in an ultra-low crime area of Denver metro. No tickets (at least, none that held up in court) :)

NJ is a high-cost state because the whole joint is basically a low-grade demolition derby! Visitors beware ...

I live in the Chicago area and use Geico full coverage just over $1,000 per year. In fact I think I was the first Tesla they insured. They had no idea what it was when I first called so I emailed Tony Nicely the CEO. They got back to me the next day with a quote. It did not hurt that I told him I was a Berkshire Hathaway shareholder. They own Geico!

USAA - Added $1,000/yr., full coverage.

StateFarm: $87/mo @ $1000 deductible for Comp.&Coll.; $95/mo @ $500 deductible. (this quote includes discounts due to other insurance I have, no accidents etc.) I also have decent coverage amounts for liability/medical, PIP and includes UIM etc.

Compared to my '95 325i BMW I was paying $60/mo @ 1000 deductible (otherwise identical policy to MS above). StateFarm is a pleasure to deal with when I had to once.

Farmers seemed reasonable but after I got the car they came back with $5200/year which is ourageous. The underwriter was saying something about high tech carbon fiber body and no spare parts. Dude... Not a Roadster.

So after 20 years with farmers, I'm going to move my two cars, probabaly to Geico. Bummer, farmers. : (

I wound up switching to USAA after all, because the combination of our other car + mine, and being qualified as married now, got me a roughly $200+ better deal than Progressive. I'm surprised at how much more coverage my other half has, yet paying $80 less than I was paying on my old car.

I ended up going with Progressive - $2400/year for 3 cars, or $800/year for just the Model S - in Washington DC. I looked at several other options before making the call; Geico was second-best (around $600/year higher) and the rest were thousands of $$ more...

I ended up going with Geico too. It saved about $175 per year over what I'm paying for my two current cars over Liberty Mutual. LM wanted another $550 per year to replace an RX330 with the S. LM has no clue what the S is. So Geico is $725 better annually than LM for the Tesla and the MDX we're keeping. Geico has the S in its online system, right down to battery sizes, even P85, so Geico also gets kudos for doing its homework. It's nice to have that out of the way. Eight days and counting to Fremont!

That's because the insurance industry considers men to be enthusiastic car-smashers, and women to be fussy car-protecters. ;0

I signed up with progressive on-line (never talked to a person) and I pay $450/6 months. I did sign up for their snapshot discount where they send you this device that plugs into the car into the computer port under the dash. I plugged it in, and it is supposed to make a beep if you have a hard stop. Well I drive fairly aggressively and despite this I never got one beep (maybe the model S doesn't report this via the interface?). I got an email from Progressive about a month after installing the device that I qualify for a 30% discount!

It's because the car is so smooooth.

@kishdude - I never plugged my device in, just sent it back. How 'aggressively' is 'fairly aggressively'?

I went with USAA - when I compared Geico, the coverage was a joke, much lower limits and no option to match what I currently have. Geico was cheaper but you get what you pay for.