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With a Tesla, waiting until the fuel needle hits "empty" is a distant memory – owners simply plug in when convenient to maintain vehicle charge. The Roadster’s charger is incorporated into the powertrain system, enabling the use of any conventional 110-volt or 220-volt power outlet for charging. The Roadster and its connectors are designed to offer owners the freedom to charge whenever and wherever they want. Charging at night provides an extra financial advantage as many utility companies offer special rates during off-peak hours, when demand for electricity is low. When paired with a residential solar array, the Roadster offers complete driving independence. Plug in before bed and wake up with 245 miles of driving range.


Sports cars are meant to be driven. The Roadster infuses every trip with new life. Connect not only to the car and road - delight in the surrounding sounds and scenery of the route. Roadsters have driven across the United States, throughout the European countryside, and on countless other adventures. California's Highway 101 has a series of Tesla High Power Wall Connectors as a shining example of the future of the electric highway.

Want to head out for a long coastal drive or head to the mountains to enjoy the Roadster’s handling and acceleration? Tesla Customer Service can provide helpful roadtrip tips.

photo of the High Power Wall Connector

High Power Wall Connector

56 Miles Range Per Hour of Charge


The High Power Wall Connector is the fastest way to charge the Roadster and ideal for garage installation. Fully recharge – from empty to full – in less than 4 hours.
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photo of the Universal Mobile Connector

Universal Mobile Connector

Charging Rate of 32 Miles Range per Hour at Max Power


The Universal Mobile Connector is ideal for road trips. Fully recharge – from empty to full – in less than 6 hours. The NEMA 14-50 adapter is included. Additional adapters (purchased separately) enable the Roadster to plug into nearly any outlet, anywhere.
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photo of the Spare Mobile Connector

Spare Mobile Connector

Charging Rate of 5 miles range per hour at max power


The Spare Mobile Connector included with the purchase of every Tesla Roadster. It is best used for topping off after short neighborhood trips. The Spare Connector plugs into any conventional household outlet.
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