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Forum trolling

Lets try to stop this forum trolling maybe a colour code like red for the Owners in public forum

red for the Owners name

I am not an owner but what do you consider trolling? Would that be someone such as myself asking questions or commenting when I do not own a car?

I think they are referring to people who register and them post negative things about the Model S or refutes things Tesla has said in order to bait owners into replying.

ah ok because I enjoy interacting with owners and sharing in their joy all the while silently weeping that I do not own a Model S :( I will own a Tesla one day though it just may not be till Gen 3 sadly.

A troll would say something like, "You'll never get the chance to drive a Gen III because Tesla is already burning through cash. They had to raise a billion dollars this week; why else would they do that?!" Then they'd cite some worthless article from Seeking Alpha to back up their statement. I don't mean to sound bitter, but trolls are really annoying!

@ ajamison - There's already an owners area we non-owners are not allowed to even see. Oh well, guess I need to buy one! ;-)


Not everyone here has a Tesla S. Shoot, none of us had a Tesla S just 9 months ago. So, it's not a requirement. Nikeniketown is one of our long time trolls-in-residence, and possibly what this post is about. You don't see much of him for very long, as his comments tend to get purged rather frequently based on feedback from the other users.

+1 @church70

I agree. I've raised this before, but get shouted down. It's not so much trolling as people giving "authoritative" advice on the forum when they don't own a Model S. It creates a poor quality of information when folks (non-owners) read other folks posts (non-owners) and then regurgitate poorly sourced information as fact (and implicitly represent themselves as owners). At one time, before owners had logged millions of aggregate miles, this "information trolling" by non-owners, who lurked for years on the forum, was the best information available. This is no longer the case.

Then, there are the very active (and annoying) threads where test drivers draw grand conclusions about the car after driving for a few minutes (see, e.g., "Tesla S Noisy").

I think the FastTrak threads are the best example of this. Turns out, affixing the FastTrak to the right of the mirror is an easy solution, but the churn was huge as non-owners posted a bunch of inaccurate dreck.

I've suggested to Tesla that owners be given badges in the forum. Simple solution. Until then, when I post specific information about the car, I reference my VIN in the post.

+1 @Calisun
+1 @riceuguy
+1 @defmonk

+2 for the T-grin - I love the car.

defmonk, you have had your car for awhile now. Please tell us when it was delivered and what you received?

Some of us who are not owners (yet) are investors in this company.

Having said that, I would not mind a distinctive badge for owners.


Here's my post (with VIN) about my impressions during the first 1k miles:

Here's my blog post and picture of my car, shortly after I picked it up on May 4th:

What's your point?


Second link above should be:

Defmonk, thanks for the blogspot post, the car looks fantastic.

Showing a sort of badge for MS owners is fine as they have more experience with the car and are better informed than most others. But some non-owners have taken a beating on this forum for asking questions or making remarks. The one about a noisy car is an example. I think in many occasions the beating is uncalled for. They are not to blame if Tesla only allows short test drives. It took me two test drives under different circumstances to answer all my questions before spending such a large amount on a car. Now I can sleep sweet dreams while awaiting delivery in october.

@Fred O I'm not an owner but I have read enough of the car to be able to clearly see some of the trolls especially the noisy troll. BTW I have a nice bridge in Bookelyn wonder if you're interested. ;-)

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