Spouse on board?

How many of you had/are having trouble convincing your spouse/significant other that it is reasonable to buy a Model S?

If there are objections, what are they? Money? Perceived practicality? Cost comparison to an equivalent ICE (as if there really were such a thing...)?

My wife is not enthusiastic, but she has slowly accepted the fact that I'm buying one. I even caught her on the Design Studio once looking at different colors :) So I think she's decided to enjoy it since it is pretty much inevitable.

Let her test drive. Mine was sold!

We had a discussion about the finances and once she was convinced we still had sufficient reserves to handle unexpected unemployment or other disasters, she was fully on board.

She was in the back seat (along with my little boy) when I test drove. She does not dispute that it's an uber-awesome car, it's mostly the price tag that makes her swallow hard.

My explanation that you have to deduct $15k-$25k from the cost of ownership due to not having to buy gas was initially ignored, but I think it has slowly sunken in. If you add up the gas & maintenance, her BMW X3 doesn't cost much less over 8 years, and of course the Model S is infinitely cooler in every way.

My wife didn't have issues with the styling, cost or the fact that I was committed. She did, however, ask a lot of questions that were born out of 'range anxiety'. You have to understand, we've all been programmed by conventional gas combustion engines for so long, most people won't even get the paradigm shift being offered up by Tesla. Anyway, the thing that finally got her fully on board was her participation in the Get Amped test drive. I let her videotape me pushing the Performance MS that I took out. Now she is more anxious about delivery than I am.

My wife has been totally onboard and even encouraged me to get this over the other electric options out there.

My wife is on board because I want one. If she had her way I would just get a very small car that is well under $20,000. She owns a 2000 Toyota Echo and the only features it has is an AM/FM cassette player and it's an automatic. She is perfectly happy with the car and wants nothing more.
She does not expect me to adopt her standards. We have saved for this car so she has no problems buying it since we have the cash.

My wife was getting very “Tesla Cool” because I was constantly talking about the “S.” So I resolved my problem last October by inviting her to join me at the Tesla Fremont Factory Event. She was sold just looking at the clay mock-up in the factory entrance. On the way home, her question was, “why don’t you get a Signature so we can get it sooner?”

P.S. Be careful what you wish for, I wanted my wife on board – now it is her car!

My wife encouraged me to look at the Tesla over a BMW because she is interested in getting completely off of gas and looking towards the future.

Initially she was adamant that the maintenance costs would be lower, but perhaps that's not the case anymore...

If you have a store near by drag her in and let her loose on he Tesla personnel. My wife didn't attend the test ride because she wasn't all that interested. Even the test drive held little interest for her.

When it was time to configure we went to the Santana Row store because we both wanted to see the colors in real life. The store was fairly empty (9:30am) and the manager sat my wife in the front seat of the car and my wife started asking questions, 90 minutes later she had opted to upgrade to performance and were were signing the paperwork.

My wife wanted to use the same amount of money to buy two Nissan Leaves or similar electric cars instead of one. I overruled her with all my available physical and mentally power :) Now she is looking forward for the Model S to be delivered (paperwork says Nov-Dec 12). Like President Obama said, sometime you really have to say No to your own party for what you believe in :) I am confident that she will not be disappointed. But if she is, I will volunteer to drive it all the time :)

I have a 14 yo Ford explorer with 210,000 miles. 45 k new. And I love it. That same today gets about the same MPG. At $4.00 a gal, thats 45k in gas over its life. So its a 90k truck. Gas is artificaly low in the US, so over the next 14 years, im guessing it will average over $4.00 gal. I keep my cars a long time and take care of them. When I did the math on paper, 72k looked good to her. Then we went to the factory last year. No doubt its real once youve seen that. Plus, ive been saving for two years, so its not a whim. Fourth, I gave up color choices to her. Last, I let her take my testdrive, and I took the back seat.

So she's 100% onboard. And as it turns out my 70 mile daily commute went to telecommute, so she might get it, and I get the c70. And I know shes gonna love cabin pre heating in the winters!

Mine is apprehensive only because of the cost, and yes, she test drove the Model S but didn't open her up like any of us here have. She knows it's a great car, but suffers from a bad case of sticker shock.


Initially I thought it was a bit to much money. At a Tesla tech event, she talked to number of people, snuck up behind me and told me to get one if I wanted One! And after we drove one we were totally convinced. We both can't Wait! March?

My wife was sold when I "gave" her the reservation packet for Christmas. Since then this has gone from her new car, to our new car for local trips. My challenge now is persuading her on a few upgrades I want, such as 85 kWh battery versus 60 kWH, and we're debating colors and interiors. I keep telling her we can reach a compromise if she would only agree with me :)

Show the wife current gas prices in CA. Rapidly approaching $5 per gallon this week.

My wife is onboard. However, the car is not REASONABLE, in most normal senses of the word. She drives a Z4 which I bought as an anniversery present. She averages about 27 miles per hour. We are getting the S because we both think that eventually the US must become energy independent. We do not support the Nuclear approach France took. We are doing what we can to promote what we think has a chance of becoming a replacement technology. Doing good for the country while enjoying a fantastic car is a good thing. Same reason we have solar panels, we want to encourage the technology and make it cheaper for everyone. We want to stop sending money to people who hate us to buy gas.

My wife still isn't on board. Cost is the issue. We never would have spent over $40k on any ICE car.

That's why I had to defer. We're already retired and our portfolio hasn't been doing very well for the past 4 years. I'm hoping it'll improve in the next year or two.

@David70: What's your reservation #? Just curious.

tesla.m P #1649.

Glad to hear that most of you were able to have your spouses' approval and support. It's still a sticker shock for us, but it's the right car for the right amount for the right reason.

My wife likes the car and thinks it looks good. She is concerned about the lack of AWD and the safety of the rear jumpseats for our kids. She let me make a reservation because that is the only way she could get me to shut up...

J King

I applaud you and your wife. Thank you. It was my wife who got me thinking about national security when we bought a Prius, installed solar, and now are getting the Model S. And we are getting an amazing car to boot! putting some neighbors to work ! What's not to like?

My husband is all over it. He can't wait. I may even let him drive it.

"My husband is all over it. He can't wait. I may even let him drive it."

Best comment yet. :-)

Hope you folks enjoy your new ride.

After our test drive, my wife convinced me to upgrade to the performance model. Go figure. I'm not complaining!

Is she an ex-biker babe? Or wannabe? ;)

Heh. When I first saw the subject of this thread, I wondered if it referred to one of those yellow diamond or triangle back window warning signs. Alerting the drivers following that you were under the direction of a back (or passenger)-seat driver, and might do something erratic or irrational at any moment.

I asked my wife to do the test drive. She's a much better driver than me and much more capable of experiencing the nuances of the car. She was sold from the moment we put down our deposit, but even more so after the test drive.

I'm budgeting $200k for this car, because as soon as she needs a new car, it's going to be payback time.

My husband has gone along with me on my desire to own a Tesla. I often get the " it is going to take forever to make your money in gas costs". Oh we'll, I fell in love with the model s March 2009.

P497. Pearl white, tan interior, 85 battery, air Suspension. Can't wait!