Annoying Turn Signal Sound

Does anyone agree with me that the turn signal click does not seem appropriate to the car? Mine reminds me of those little metal clickers they used to give out at kids' birthday parties.

The signal must be produced electronically. I wonder if it's possible to come up with something richer and/or offer some alternative sounds in the settings?

Maybe it will be user customizable in the future, after all, it's all software. Have a voice prompt yell out every time you signal, "No, your other left!"

OH, and for the record, I'm fine with the current turn signal sound, the way I drive, it's only on for a fraction of a second anyway... ;)

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has an issue with this; well, actually it was my wife who was very annoyed with the sound and brought it to my attention, and once I became aware of it, it started getting irritating.

I checked around and there is just no way to change it in the software settings, although it's probably a very easy fix, but not one of high priority.

Of course the easiest solution is not to use the turn signal, but that is hypocrisy because I hate people who never signal at all.

Yes, turn signal sounds are annoying. In all cars. that way, you don't forget to turn it off when changing lanes.

I actually really like it! It's the least annoying signal sound I've heard. It's a clean, audible but unobtrusive sound, to my ear. My husband and I were both pleased when we got our car.

For lane changes, you can reduce the number of clicks to three by just briefly pushing the stem to the first detent. ( if you keep it there too long it will just click once) A nice feature - not requiring you to then turn off the signal.

What's truly annoying is that it randomly skips a beat!

Actually, my guess is that if it were masked by the dull rumble of the engine you'd never notice it! :-)

@ir - That is problem that can be fixed. My right turn signal used to blink (and click) erratically, randomly skipping beats, etc. The service center fixed it.

My wife and I love the turn signal sound when we did our test drive a year back. We thought it sounded very refined and when we heard it for the first time looked at each other with a wow, how nice look.

I guess to each their own. Turn signal sounds are traditionally made by a small solenoid type device under the dash.

Apparently there were several complaints about the turn signal volume at the "Get Amped" test drive event. When the production vehicles came out the volume was much lower.

That makes me think that the turn signal sound could be modified in the future if there is enough feedback. I think it might be low on their priority list for enhancements for now.

Personally, I like to drive with my music loud enough that I hear all the subtleties in the music so I don't hear much sound from the turn signal.

You got my imagination going on customizable sounds though. Maybe a Monty Python Holy Grail coconut gallop would be fun.

How about, "Turning left, Dave" in the voice of HAL 9000.

[Yes, I'm a nerd]

The sound that bugs me is the seatbelt warning. If it could wait just a few seconds after putting the car into reverse, I would be much happier.

I can't see what all the fuss is about. It's a turn signal. You probably hear it only a handful of times per drive. I drive 120km a day; it's not a small amount of time each time I get in the car. The turn signal doesn't bother me in the least.

Different strokes for different folks, I guess. I love the car but that sound bugs me every time I flip the lever.

I do like the idea of playing an appropriate sound track though. "Turn, Turn, Turn" or " Turn Out the Lights" might work.

I'm tellin' you man, every third blink is slower.

As a driver 'of a certain age' I love the volume of the turn signal. It is perfect for someone whose hearing has seen better days. I also really like the 'three click' feature for changing lanes if you momentarily move the lever.

If it can be adjusted in the software, I hope that they preserve the present option.

I love it, since I can still hear it over the screams of my passengers when I take that corner a little harder than I should :)

I like the turn signal. If that is all you have to complain about, you must really love the car.

@Oliver - LOL!

I want to be able to select a customized blinker rhythm, say a Bossa Nova or a Merengue. :)

I guess they did their jobs well then. You aren't supposed to like the sounds like the seat belt or turn signal. It is supposed to be annoying so you remember to buckle up or turn the blinker off. Since they've succeeded I guess it won't change :-)

I like the sound.

@Sudre and @Jewsh +1

Just can't please everyone. I would think the IT department (or whatever department it is) has more important things to work on than the sound of a turn signal. Would MB or BMW rework their turn signals to suit everyone's taste?

Doesn't bother me at all.

The clicking sound usually comes from a relay that is connected to fusebox. This is a normal setup for ice cars and assume it's the same from the tesla. It's not a big issue for me. I like the sound.

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Model S turn signal sound

LOL, @GotAmped

Doesn't bother me
Bugs my wife
My youngest kid mimics the sound

I would vote for a change to a sultry female voice "turning left .. you big stud...turning left...hunky guy..." etc.

Could be the LED turn signals. I switched the turn signals in my current car to LED's and they changed tone as well as went into overdrive (started clicking double time or so). I had to install a special relay to get them to slow down but the tone stayed the same.

@Got Amped


However we all know that the major problems you listed will go away once everybody drives a Tesla Model S.

But, if half the people are annoyed by the sound made by the turn signal...