As the air suspension change to low automatically when driving over a certain speed, there should be a stationary symbol for the suspansion level in the dashboard. This could blink when the level is changing. I have a steep driveway, and need to know if it is in middle or low position.
Also, many Norwegian roads are bumpy, so it should be an option to lock the suspension in middle position.

You can open the Controls panel to see the current status of the suspension.

what would be cool is if it could raise the car automatically based on location.
They are already doing that for the garage opener.
Could add a feature to raise the car at the same time.

Yes the air suspension status indicator is available when the control panel is open and you will see it in action when it self lowers or when you raise it... it will be great to be able to set the default at High for those people who needs it for their driving environment irregardless of whether it will impact their range mileage when traveling over 25 MPH.

@serglyz - for that to work, the frickin' GPS would have to figure out where you are. First things first. Grr.


The GPS already does that. The GPS tells homelink when you are in front of your garage door (if you programmed it). It could tell the suspension to raise the car at places needed.


The MS lowers only at highway speeds, if you were to hit your driveway at that speed your suspension height would be the least of your concerns.

Rheumboy, is it auto raised or you have to program it?

There is no communication between the GPS and suspension yet. I was only suggestion an idea for future updates. I was just responding to the GPS does know where the car is. :-)

The MS drops from Very High to High when speed > 9 mph, from High to Standard when > 19 mph, and from Standard to Low when > 59 mph. It similarly raises back from Low to Standard when speed drops < 59 mph. It does not raise any more unless you touch Controls/Driving and raise the level yourself. It would be great if you could use GPS to program High or Very High based on location.

My nemesis is parking stops. I would pay good money to have the air suspension raise itself automatically at every parking lot.

And my GPS works great. I think it's version 5.0 that's having problems.

Has anyone built a "low rider" app to show off what the air suspension can really do?

I would love this. I have to put my suspension in high every time I pull into my garage and every time I go over one particular speed bump on my way in and out of work. Really wish this could be automatic.