Time After Car Goes Into Production

My car just went into production with a never changing delivery date of "late August".

What is the average time from when the Dashboard goes to "In Production" to actual delivery?

hasn't your DS called to schedule delivery yet?
he/she's the one that can tell you.

My DS set my delivery date before my status went to "in production" and he told me that it really isn't there yet even though it says it is... I think it will hit production next week based on my delivery date of 9/7. that's a guess though.
I think it's a status change that happens when they receive the signed registration paperwork that you fedex back to them. That was, at least in my case, the coincidental timing of things happening.

Been in production for 14 days. MAYBE next week I finally get my MS with every option except the rear seats.

Does anyone know how long it takes to get your Model S after you get the message "The Tesla Factory is Building Your Model S".. It just popped up today... Thanks.

My delivery date moved in by a week. 85. Confirmed 07/24. Adjusted delivery date: 08/23.

My car has been in and out of production twice since my order was confirmed 7/5. My delivery date was pushed back 12 days from 8/17 to 8/29 (1 week from today). I'm in NY Metro area and the car has to be shipped however the dashboard still says "factory is building your Model S" which if true, means they probably won't make the 8/29 delivery date. I have two emails into my DS - no response.

It would be quite a disappointment if delivery date is rescheduled yet a second time and my financing commitment expires exposing me to significantly higher interest rates.

Many on this forum frown on whinning about delivery, but now its not just timing, but cost, due to financing.

Yes, the dashboard message is unreliable. Phone. Emphasize your banking commitments etc.

My car has been "in Production" for a week. This morning my dashboard indicates it is back to "Sourcing Parts". Is this normal or is something unusual?

My car's status still shows "Factory building your Model S", but I know it's complete as I've stayed relatively persistent with my DS (who's great by the way). It's my understanding that once the car comes off the production line, it goes into inspection. Once completed, it hits the road for delivery quickly (24-72 hrs).

Since this is the end of the month, I'd assume that Tesla likes to make it's monthly numbers look good - so I'm hoping for an expedited delivery date between tomorrow (8-29), and my "official" delivery on Sept. 7th. Since I'm in San Diego, there's minimal time to destination.

It was 6-7 days for my S85 completed last week.

Woo Hoo - ours went from sourcing to "production" today. Scheduled delivery is 9/14 so we shall see!

@ SBerg The exact same story for me. Very excited! I confirmed Aug. 16.

Delivery now pushed back a second time, with no estimated delivery date at this time. 58 days into this order, and thinking I'll have to purchase winter fitments because the 21" tires on the P85+ are unsafe below 40 degrees F. My Green P85+ is starting to feel more like a "White Buffalo." Many have ordered after me, reconfigured their cars, and already received delivery (on the east coast). Never racking to say the least.

"Nerve" racking

It's those danged Europeans, butting into line! >:(

@teslamonkey--Mine did the same thing this morning. My car went to "In Production" last Friday and had stayed that way until this morning when it switched back to "Order Confirmed. We have begun sourcing parts for your Model S."

After my status reverted to "Order Confirmed" this morning, I emailed my DS, but haven't heard back--although the status on My Dashboard has now changed back to "In Production."

After it said it went into production last week, I emailed my DS to see if it would arrive earlier (Seattle) than my currently scheduled delivery date of 9/13. He told me it had entered production and it generally takes about a week to get through and then another 4 days for it to be transported and prepped here. So, I'm hoping the flip flopping statuses are just a glitch in the Dashboard.

I remember reading people who's statuses went back to "Sourcing Parts" after they'd already taken delivery--but maybe that was just after they re-launched the website/Dashboard.

Progress - my dashboard changed today: Production Complete
Your Model S is being prepared for pickup or delivery.

This one is new to me. DS called and indeed, on its way.

Please, no hurricanes, wildfires, floods or tsunamis until after next week (:-)

Congrats, ironmikeii. I've seen your posts about your delays, so this is certainly a step (or leap) in the right direction.

Best of luck in a smooth transportation and delivery. (Same goes for everyone else, too. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas.)

Confirmed my order yesterday so am still at the 'sourcing parts' stage for 'October' delivery. California sure seems a long way from Ontario Canada right now. Green P85... Can't wait.

@Corey. Yes things are looking up.
@Forty Creek +1 for GREEN P85. Don't hear or see to many of those. Green P85+

My Model S 85kwh went from "Sourcing Parts"to delivery in about 4 weeks. I transferred my 5k deposit on a Model X to the Model S and placed an order about a week before I got the "Sourcing Parts" message on "My Tesla" I don't know if I got an early delivery because of my 1 plus year on the Model X waiting list or someone bailed on an order for the exact same Model S that I ordered. Either way, I am very happy with my car and enjoy taking compliments and answering questions from the people I meet. I don't think Tesla will ever have to advertise to get orders for the Model S. I haven't had as much fun with a car since I bought my new Mustang 2+2 in 1967.

Woo Hoo... Just changed to In Production tonight!
After reading some of these posts... I hope I don't change back to sourcing parts.

Let's see. Order finalized on August 10. The VIN was assigned on August 13. The "Sourcing Parts" message came up at about the same time, I don't remember exactly. My DS contacted me on August 14, and originally scheduled delivery for August 29 (today!). However, on August 15, the DS contacted me to let me know that the car would be delayed, new delivery date of September 4 (next Wednesday).

Paperwork (docusign stuff) showed up on August 17. We signed it on that day, but Tesla didn't sign it until August 19 (Monday) - lazy slackers don't sign paperwork on weekends. :)

The message on the dashboard changed to "The Tesla factory is building your Model S" on August 23.

This evening (August 29), the message on the dashboard changed to "Production Complete".

This seems awfully fast to me, but I am not going to complain.

I know all of these dates because of the excited emails I sent to my wife every time the status changed. :D

My bride has tired of my updates.

About the car, too!

(I had sourcing - building - complete - prepared for pickup/delivery).

Confirmed Aug. 2
Went into "production" August 26 as originally estimated.
Schedule delivery date set about 10 days ago as Sept. 14.
So Cal location
Paperwork finalized today online

Each day seems like an eternity. Hoping for a surprise early gift.

The near future will presently be the present.

Ordered Aug 2

Confirmed Aug 9

VIN assigned Aug 10

CR called 8/14 and advised of Sept 21 delivery date

Today dashboard changed to "in production"

Let the Chinese water torture continue..............

Drip, drip, drip, ...

@Brian H : "It's those danged Europeans, butting into line!"


How long have you been in line ?
(some) EU's are waiting for years, and still see US line jumping.

e.g. US : Ordered Aug 2, Confirmed Aug 9, VIN assigned Aug 10
, Sept 21 delivery date
That is great.
Mine : Ordered Okt 13 2012, VIN Aug 13 2013, no ETA yet (Nov, at the earliest)

I should move to the US :-)

No VIN for me yet and still Sourcing Parts, but since today something did change on the dashboard.
Dutch and French documentation available for:
Mobile Connector, New Vehicle Limited Warranty, Owners Manual, and Roadside Assistance Numbers.

At least something is happening :)

I ordered my MS 85P on July 27th and it was delivered August 27th. Apparently the Performance models get put in line ahead of the lower models (according to my delivery specialist)