I feel like a stalker. I saw a white Model S driving on 112th near SE 8th in Bellevue about an hour ago. It was so beautiful. *sniff* It still had the temporary tag in the rear winshield.

I feel stupid because I actually did a double take. I didn't really get much of a change to look at it because I was driving in the opposite direction. Man, I love the LED lights. At some point, sightings aren't going to be a big deal, but I'm thinking that this is the first time I've seen a Model S in the hands of an owner (though I guess I don't know for a fact that it really was a customer owned car).

I guess I have to admit that I want to be a stalker as well! Hoping to see one in the "wild" soon!

I have been looking, but no sightings so far!

I just saw a gray one going west down NE 4th in Bellevue while I was eating outside at Potbelly.

I did the same thing again. I did a double-take. I saw the Model S coming, but since I'm so used to the image, it didn't really register in my mind until it was passing by, lol.

Gray is the color I finally locked in yesterday after waffling for a long time on color choice. It looks nice, but as I worried about, it's also kind of non-descript. Not that I'm looking to turn heads per se, but I think there's going to be a lot of grays, silvers, blacks, and whites around the east side of Puget Sound.

DOH! I just realized that this must be the test drive car for the Bellevue store.

I'm sure it is. I know they're using the Dolphin Grey for their test drives. I just stopped in at the store this afternoon. Sat for a few minutes (my wife was ready to go) in the Pearl White.

My concern with getting the Pearl White was that it might look yellowish in person when viewed outdoors as some other brands do, but I can report that the Bellevue-area Model S looks very "white". It's a real head-turner, as was the young woman driving it.


Had my first sighting yesterday! It was a Signature Red model S in Sammamish near Pine Lake. Gorgeous!

According to the TMC forums, there have been three or four deliveries recently.

My spouse just saw a Model S in the wild on the 520 bridge at 10pm tonight and just about ran off the road due to the excitement.
It was making some time.

Only a few more days.... >sigh<

I just sighted one--in my driveway! Drove myself to the brink of nausea yesterday--so much fun! They called Kieran, the Portland delivery specialist, up to help Ben because they have so many deliveries. It sounds like they are running out of space to store them and can't deliver them fast enough!

I heard that they were using Bellevue Square for overflow but there was only one there last night. I guess I had better put on my gum shoes and prowl around Seattle!

Three Model S sightings in three days. Wow. Today near Safeway at Overlake.

I thought a Signature Model S would be a rare sight. Now I am convinced that everyone that has received one has been driving it 24/7 since they received it.

It makes my old BMW seem like a truly unique animal. I only see another one similar it every year or two.

I think the Model S is going to be more common than the Ford Taurus in the NW in short order. (note to self: Buy more stock!)

@dsecrist, that was probably me! I've had mine for almost a month now and loving every minute. If you see me, give me the peace sign and I'll know it's you!


The tally is up to 4 sighted in the wild in the last 3 days. Last one was Sig Red early this eve and on 405 North of I-90. It was flying. Total 3 Reds and one Silver.

You guys are having too much fun!

Definitely wasn't me on 405 N tonight... Must be another Sig-Red out there...

There are two Sig Reds that are parked at the chargers at Valley Medical as I drive by most afternoons. In fact the only Model S I've seen in the wild are Sig Reds :)

I know the owners of those Sigs, but have yet to see their cars! Keep your eyes peeled for my black Sig...

Hey, I was locked out of the "private" threads for some reason. Got it fixed today, so catching up.

Captain_Zap | November 17, 2012
The tally is up to 4 sighted in the wild in the last 3 days. Last one was Sig Red early this eve and on 405 North of I-90.

That could have been me (707). First real "drive" was from Woodinville to Factoria that Sat night.

I saw my first one in the wild yesterday, driving east on 520 aroung 1:30pm. So distinctive--can't miss the lights!

I've also seen the twin Valley Medical Tesla's as well, plugged in to the charging station. I snapped a couple pictures of them :)

I've only seen one other Tesla actually driving past - up in Shoreline where I live. Nice to see more of them on the road!

I thought I would see one here and there due to the recent December deliveries, but I haven't seen another Model S since I last saw one driving around Bellevue in November.

Well there is one Model S I see every day... in my garage :)

Everyone can see an S on I5 south Seattle to Gig Harbor on Monday afternoon.
WE get "delivered" mid morning. Hope we don't get a ticket on the way home!
Pearl Wh, 21's and two happy campers!

I've had a few 3-Tesla days in the North Seattle area along 99 in January. It's really exciting to spot so many along a single commuting route. I'll be adding mine to the mix when it gets here in April-May.

Ok...want to know who's the other Metallic Silver S in the Sammamish / Issaquah area. Have had two sightings this week and curious who has the twin of my car...whoever they are they have fantastic taste !!

Today I was sitting in the parking lot at Eastlake High School in Sammamish talking on the cell phone with a friend in Virginia about the Model S. All of a sudden I see between the cars parked ahead of me about 250' away a familiar LED DRL. I said to my friend "I think that I have just sighted a Model S in the "wild". Call you back after I check it out."

I walked over to the car (silver MS) and introduce myself to the owner (BruceD). He was kind enough to chat with me for a few minutes. Didn't want to take up too much of his time as he was with his daughter. Enjoyed my chat. Had to call my friend in VA back to let him know that it WAS a MS. Made my morning! (BruceD's car is the same color combo/interior that I hope to order soon.)

Last Saturday (not yesterday), I saw another Model S in downtown Bellevue on NE 8th, right near the mall. It was green like mine. I saw the driver trying to stare at my car too lol.

@BruceD, my son goes to Eastlake as well. I live back up SE 8th near the Plateau Club. If you see a Sig-Red in the area with my KCK-GAS plates, stop me and say Hi.


With all the posting I've seen from folks in Sammamish, we should do a weekend meetup sometime.

I was driving east on NE 65th St. near 40th Ave. NE in Seattle, and spotted a white Model S (mine is pearl white). By the time I saw him, he flashed his headlights at me, and I was only able to wave.