Last Signature worldwide

For those of us opting for the 2013 red, we have been told that they can't start using that color until they are completely done with Signature models and can swap colors in one bay. So, selfishly, I am curious to know if anyone has any idea how many Signatures were ordered outside the US and how many are left to be produced.

None in Canada or Europe left to order; none in Canada left to produce; all wrong-hand-drive Sigs still to come (UK, Aus, etc.)

Maybe a sufficient # of shells will be painted and set aside up front?

That's definitely not true. They are going to start the multicoat red in march, but won't be building the UK and Australian signatures until probably October.

@Brian, that's RIGHT hand drive. :)

I must say I have been perplexed by this schedule also. First is was summer sometime that the red might be available. Then March. Hmmm. Are there really months of red sigs yet to produce? Of course it's wishful thinking on my part but I'm hoping to hear soon that the new red will be in production sooner than March.

Kinda curious; will the charging ports also be positioned on the wrong hand side for the convenience of the wrong-hand drivers?

Just visited GB in Sept, found many residents able to use both hands.

I asked several times about the anticipated start of the 2013 red production before I deferred and was told mid-March. I just wish there was a way to monitor whether TM is on track for that schedule.

@gregv64 - Interesting about the UK and Australian sigs. If they switch color bays in March, but won't start those sigs until October, does that mean the sig red is unavailable for those customers?

Q4 the anticipated installation of another Paint Center? That would open up a lot of options.

@BrianH - Have you heard something about another paint bay or are you being wildly optimistic?

When the red sigs are done they will change over to the new red

@MB3 - again, although that's a widely held conception it can't be true. Red starts in March, and the Australian, UK and Hong Kong sigs won't be built until about 6 months later.

The bodies for those sigs will already be painted.

The bodies for those sigs will already be painted. (MB3)

Do you think Tesla is going to take chances on the color choices? Hard to imagine, at least for me. Thus that would imply that right-hand drive Signatures have to finalize 6 months in advance. Pretty extreme, even for Tesla, don't you think?

The latter. It would sure solve a lot of problems, tho'.

The sigs will be a fixed, predetermined number, and can have painted shells before they're even all sold. Stack 'em in the corner!

Yes I think it is very likely. It is apparently non-trivial to swap paint or set up new stations. They also don't want idle bays waiting for the last sig. I have no way to do a cost analysis, but over-producing a few bodes doesn't seem out of line to me. I could be wrong, so it's just another thought.

Having seen the factory, I'm sure they have space for them!

They know in advance how many Sigs they're going to sell.

Of course. They also know the appropriate number of red, which is why they can get the painting done ahead of time without setting up new painting stations if they want.

No, they don't really. They know exactly even before selling how many Sigs they need, but the Red orders are in flux, and climbing all the time.

Yeah, how could they know how many people are going to want Sig Red versus the other sig colors? They haven't even set right hand drive pricing yet, much less asked people to finalize.

They don't need to know exactly. They can make good predictions based on existing data from Tesla and other public sources. They could paint enough to be, say, 99% sure to cover the orders. It could easily be be cheaper to paint extra bodies than set up a new paint station.

?? Not necessary. Once you've predicted (exactly) and painted the Sig shells, the Paint Center is free to do the MCReds as needed, like any other color.

The problem seems to be that you can't switch paints back and forth that easily and you don't want the bay sitting idle waiting for the last sig to be configured. If it is easy to switch paints, then there is no problem.

Duh. That's the point of painting exactly the number of Sig shells you're going to need, in advance, and then switching over to the multi-coat.

Plus a few extras, just in case of "failure to pass final inspection".

So @BrianH, you're suggesting they paint enough sig-red shells for all the remaining signature reservation holders (± fudge factor), and scrap (probably bead-blast and recycle the aluminum) if/when those customers finalize a different color?

I think it would make better fiscal sense to require all remaining signature reservation holders to finalize by mid-March, particularly the LHD customers. This way, TM knows exactly how many sig-red bodies are needed. If they need/want to delay the RHD signature reservations from finalizing, then they could also paint enough (not necessarily 100%) sig-red bodies for the remaining RHD signature reservations, scrapping/recycling as needed.

But what about other countries not yet able to reserve? Will they not produce any signature edition cars for those potential customers? Or will they not offer signature red in those countries? Or might they contract-out painting the few hundred, at most, sig-red shells that will be ordered after the paint bay switches to the new multi-coat red? Or might they take the time to reset a paint bay for batches of sig-red as needed, then back to another color?

Or will they just bring a new paint bay online in anticipation of Model X and GenIII production, and use that for post-LHD-Euro-sig-red?

They are going to need demonstrators... So in RHD countries where sigs are not offered the additional cars could be used.

@dborn: good point!

Jeez! Doncha git it? TM is not waiting to determine how many people reserve the Sigs. THEY KNOW HOW MANY THEY WILL MAKE AND SELL IN ADVANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!