Electronics Issues this morning w my Model S

I left my Model S on the street overnight last night on the dead end street where I live w about 200 miles of charge (though I know folks are told to leave their cars plugged in whenever possible). The temperature dipped down to about 43 degrees.

This morning I hopped into the car to run to a favorite coffee shop and immediately could see bunches of little issues with the computer system:
1) When putting the car in reverse, the rear camera would not automatically show on the display
2) I could not tune to any FM radio station (or get any audio to come from it whether in HD radio or not)
3) Blue tooth streaming of audio played with excessive choppiness if at all
4) No SFX on turn blinkers or hazard lights
5) My location on Google Maps could not keep up with my true location w/o being stopped and pressing to center the location of my car in the middle of the map
6) Unable to adjust the air suspension (it is greyed regardless of being in park or not, with brakes supressed or not).

I turned the power to the car completely off and back on again and cycled through the problems listed above that still persisted. I returned home and parked the car in the garage and plugged it in to my 240V plug there.

I hope the problems disappear when I check the car later on today -- but I'm a bit concerned.

Has anyone else experiences any issues like this or have any information about diagnosis or treatment before I call up Tesla (or anyone from Tesla reading this and know anything?).


Have you tried rebooting the displays?

Hold down both scroll buttons on the steering wheel to reboot the 17" display, and then hold down both top bottons on the steering wheel to reboot the speedo display.

i have repeated sporadic almost random software issues. when cold the other day the 17" display did not talk to the dash display, charge port would not open, daytime/nighttime auto setting not recognized. rebooting does help, usually. I'm running 4.1 but presume that all the annoying software issues will be fixed in first quarter '13. As said here before - we are the early adopters...

First time I hear this DLPrager.

Doesn't seem temperature related as 43F is pretty warm to have any impact on electronics. I plan to leave the S in temperature way lower than that. Down below 0F. Good luck

Thanks for the advice on how to perform those reboot sequences. I rebooted both displays and as far as I can tell without driving the car and further, all of the problems seem resolved. Thanks again.

If we put the car into sleep mode, does it fully turn off the two computers? Would that help prevent this problem even if it's less convenient to wait a few moments?

It seems a hard reboot will address most computer glitches quite quickly (as I experienced just this morning thanks to Dave's advice), but it isn't all that easy to do.

Selecting to turn the power off doesn't seem to do much more than put it into a light sleep mode. I've even turned the power off because I wanted to wipe down the 17" display w/o worrying about the touch screen responding to every nuance of the cloth. Unfortunately, the slightest touch on the display reactivates it immediately.

turning the power off preserves the state (think sleep function on your laptop), rebooting clears everything.

"I left my Model S on the street overnight last night on the dead end street where I live w about 200 miles of charge (though I know folks are told to leave their cars plugged in whenever possible). The temperature dipped down to about 43 degrees."


Do you happen to recall what range the car displayed in the morning?



@DLPrager, I experienced the lack of audio you describe a few days ago when I was in a hurry to make a short errand. At the time, I attributed it to attempting to "start the car" (i.e. step on the brake pedal) before both displays fully came up. Can you recall whether that might have been the situation in your case as well?

I had a power glitch while charging (the NEMA 14-50 plug was loose when I wiggled the cable). There were a number of rapid clicks rattles in the car and at the charging port, then few seconds later, everything went dark, just like when you yank the power cord from the computer. There was no reaction to the key fob, no light, no display, completely dead. Luckily the door was still open, so I attempted the reboot sequence. Nothing happened. I retried holding the buttons longer and finally the car came backup, everything reset. Wow. So I now make sure that the power supply cord is not loose and when I plug and unplug, I do that with a quick action, no half way slow motion. I don't know if the computer has a watch dog timer to reboot itself after a crash or not, but I could imagine that if the car is lock, the only way to resolve is to call Tesla.

Holy mackerel. This is scary.

I have experienced some of the issues you've mentioned after flipping the range button on, which powers down the displays and reduces the efficacy of climate control as described in the 4.0 release notes. The car seems to be "groggy" and require a bit more time for full executive function to return despite display screens that appear fully "booted up". Full functioning of the radio with channel display can take up to a minute. I'm already on the road before my talk radio station suddenly springs to life. It will probably just require some tweaking of the wake-up algorithm.

Holy mackerel. This is scary. (DanD)

Yeah. And it certainly wouldn't happen in a Maserati! :-P

Its not a perfect computer yet

Electronics can give you problems in all cars. My wife drives a Mitsubishi Outlander and we had it in the garage a week ago because the anti slip system showed a red flag and the engine hesitated every now and then to start smoothly. Turned out to be 2 faulty sensors : one on the steering axel transmitting wheel position and another on the engine cam passing it's position to the starting system. Two small sensors but a final bill of almost 2000$ due to the amount of labour and "collateral " parts needing to be replaced. I would say a simple reset is something I would prefer any day if that fixes the car !

I saw a similar issue when heading out on a test drive at Tesla Toronto. No matter what the rep did he could not get the car to unlock it's doors. It seemed confused.
Not a great way to start the demo...

He finally did something with the key that rolled down the windows half way, reached in, got in and pressed the 'unlock all' button on the screen. The car came back to life immediately.

With a stomach full of koolaid this didn't seem to add any hesitation to me making my reservation. I can't help wondering what I would have thought if I had a negative vibe of the brand to start with?

Hmmm... is it possible that Telsa has us under some kind of Jedi mind trick? Maybe that's where the Tesla grin originates!

Reality distortion field? Does that sound familiar...?

I've experienced a few electronic oddities too. One required a hard reboot after the 4.1 update, the others self corrected. The most bizarre was the turn signals. The right one functioned normally, with a steady interval between blinks, the left was totally random, almost like it was sending Morse code. This was in the evening. I locked the car, let it sit overnight, and in the morning, both operated normally. Chalk it up to the growing pains of being an early adopter, but I hope TM gets all the software kinks worked out before they really start pushing the car to the mass market, which may not be so patient.

The birth pangs of cartificial intelligence?

Had same issues this am after parking underground in garage without charging. I believe it's related to not charging, not the temperature outside. Fixed with screen reboot.

Looks like I'm in for quite an adventure when my march delivery comes up! I'm game. - Maybe they will have a Ctrl+Alt+Delete button on the steering wheel by then :)

also, don't forget in the event of a power outage/locked-out situation, you can place the fob at the base of the passenger windshield wiper and press and open the passenger door. according to the manual, haven't tried it. page 30.

this may not work in your situation, maybe only for dead fob, but i don't know....

Hey Volker, you are right! I recognize it now! (I used to work at Apple...)

It is a reality distortion field!

I had the same problem tonight, 12/31. Backup camera did not display in reverse, radio had no sound and could not manually select channels (XM, FM, AM), and Nav would not stay up with current location. I have software 4.1.
I rebooted the two displays, as described at the beginning of the thread, and that fixed everything. Kind of glitchy, but at least I know the solution now.

@docdac -Same thing this afternoon as I left my office. Rebooted and everything works fine. I love this car more every day!

Has anyone called TM to report these issues (sleep vs. glitches)?

I had an issue this morning with my Model S, drove to Santa Cruz and noticed about halfway there that the energy meter wasn't updating (the rated range was), and the tip counters and total mileage where not moving either. Drove about 30 miles that didn't register on the odometer. I called tesla roadside assistance, the rep I spoke to told me to reset the main display and the driver display, and how to do so.

After pulling over I reset the main panel first. It now showed a warning asking me to contact Tesla for service. I then reset the drive displays. After this the odometer and trip counters and energy meters started updating again. Later this afternoon I reset the main display a second time and the service warning went away.

Very odd, given that if I hadn't reset the odometer wouldn't have updated no matter how much I drove!
(Running 4.1 but never hard reset before since the car was delivered with 4.0)

I got 4.1 installed last night. Had to come to a quick stop with a short cycle light- then got a warning that stability control and traction control were offline. Pulled off the road & did reset--warnings went away...

Just feel like I am driving a cellphone (software upgrade, battery symbol, 3G symbol, etc.) I rebooted my displays today, since the temperature showed -- instead of digits and the Trunk button was greyed out even in Park mode and the display was in Night Mode although it was bright sunny day outdoor. Everything came back working normally after reboot. I am used to reboot my cellphone when there is something that shows up as bugs, but I am not used to rebooting a car (yet) :)