Why do we only get invited to see and drive the premium models?

My questions are: sunroof or not; air suspension or not; and if no air-suspension, do I forego the tech package?

I want to sit in a car with and without the sunroof, drive it with and without air-suspension, and preferably to drive a car with a sunroof. That seems reasonable to ask before committing to an expense of $80-$100K.

It was nearly a month ago that I asked for a test drive. "You can drive the P85 - just don't put your foot down so hard, that's hoe the 85s and 60 will feel." "You won't be able to drive a car without air-suspension, but the other feels the same, but you can't vary the height." "We had a 60 in, but evry demo car is for sale, and we sell them very quickly."

I'm all for destroying the dealer system of selling cars, but I wish Tesla would allow us to see and drive cars we might buy. Maybe demand is so hot right now, they are trying to push every buyer towards tricked out P85s? I am not interested in the P. If they can arrange for a P to be available, they could arrange for another S to be available.

Henry Ford famously only produced black Model Ts. Does Elon Musk allow us to test any S we like - so long as it's a P85, with air suspension, and Panoramic-roof?

The car I tested had coil suspension. It was a P though.

Nu2Ecar - I'm sure there are a lot of factors going into this phenomenon. As you alluded to, the name of the game for any car company is upsell. They want you go for the higher margin, big ticket items as they make more per unit. For all the good intentions Tesla may have, at the end of the day it takes capital to grow, and no car company has more room and need to grow than them. The cars in the showroom are the bait they use for those who just can't wait, and it benefits them to have them be the more expensive models. I would ask them if you can see their test drive fleet, at Newport Beach/Fashion Island, they did have one without the pano roof a little while back.

I can tell you from my extended test drive with one of our own forum members (@Tezzla - thanks again!) that the standard MS85 still packs a remakable punch, and if I got "stuck" with it rather than the P, I would still be mind-blowingly ecstatic.

You can find a lot of useful posts on the various options using Personally, I love the pano roof even though mine will almost never be open, as it gives a great airy feel with the extra light (and if you drive around basketball players, it allows some extra headroom in the back.) There are some well-known issues that some people had with road noise due to a sealant glue issue, but supposedly they have this straightened out (?).

I will need the air suspension, as my city has unusually high curbs (a strange homage to the days of horse-driven carriages, I'm told), and also enjoy the way it seems to smooth out the road. Like bikezion, I test drove a P85 with coil suspension, though, and I was quite pleased with it as well. Good luck!

They said the same thing to me, but I called BS on it.

So I kept trying and finally they let me test drive a 60KW loaner with the standard suspension. It was actually kind cool because it was at the service station so it was away from all the dreadful traffic they have at the mall (where the showroom is).

It definitely helped in the P85 versus S60/S85 decision, but nothing helped with the S60/S85 decision, and the standard/air suspension decision was also mind numbingly painful.

Don't forgo the tech package because there are too many essentials that come with it.

Like Nav (when they ever get it straightened out), and it's needed for parking sensors. It's also needed for air.

Keep in mind that the Air suspension rides lower in the default height. So you have to be MORE conscious of bringing it higher when needed. Where the standard rides at a height about equal to the High setting of the air suspension.

You also can't rely on the air suspension to stay at that height when you park over a parking curb. It just might settle down on top of it.

I did get the air despite these two cases because I felt like they would eventually update the software to allowing ride height locking in certain situations, and/or to GPS set it (since it now requires the Tech package). I'll just be careful when parking it.

Call tesla, tell them which options you would like to test. Be persistsant. They will likely set you up to test drive vehicles with your desired options. I did this several times. I never asked to drive a 60, but I did see them available.