Was Dick Van Dyke car that burned today a Tesla Model S?

Was the car Dick Van Dyke that burned on the 101 freeway a Tesla Model S? The roof and wheels (19") of the burnt vehicle sure do look like a MS.... I saw the image on the news with the burnt car on a flatbed.....

No. News report I saw says it was a Jaguar.

Great. Now I have the theme song from "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" stuck in my head. :-/

Yep, NJ is right. Jaguar XJ, love the tail lights. First one I've seen in the burnt umber color...looks odd.

Dick should switch to the S -- Style & class without the fire risk of gasoline.

Dick Van Dyke is still alive?

Just married a 28 year old I think.

Sorry, 40 years old.

Wow he is looking good for his age!

Heh, I like the comments after the article. Someone wrote, "Oooohhhhh Rrroooooobbbb..."

@Amped Yes, he does, which is why he married his make-up artist.

Happened right by my house.

I saw the car on the flat bed this afternoon when I was returning from Thousand Oaks in our model S. Also saw 10 model Ss and a roadster driving through L.A.

He's 87.

Van Dyke's actual tweet following the incident: "Used Jag for sale REAL CHEAP!!"


I wouldn't buy it, it might be hot.

Pacey, LOL that was great!

It's about time for him to 'Jag off...


I laughed at that for five minutes! Thanks! If you remember an old commercial, you can get it unstuck by singing "By Mennen" in your head.

Yup, that is really bad press for Jaguar! Never mind, he was driving one of their more expensive high-end sedans.

It just goes to show why the MS got such a high NTSB rating… NO explosive liquids!!!

That's chitty, really chitty. Poor Dick Van Dyke.

I didn't know he was still alive.

Somebody should offer Dick Van Dyke a test drive in a Model S now.

I too saw his burnt out car being put onto a flatbed truck and live near the "rescuer." I'd be happy to give DVD a ride in my MS!

I'm not sure what's more surprising... that he's still alive or that he knows how to tweet!?!

He can also "drive" a flying car, that he happens to love.