Test - Please Ignore



Showing as public (no key) when not logged in on a different computer. No fix in place yet.

Same - showing as public (no key) when not logged in on a different computer.


Why not?

Are all the old private threads now public, one wonders. Brian's gonna be super pissed:)

What did you say?

Yes they are all visible. I suspect the search engine bots are cataloguing them already.

They are testing our patience.

In keeping the spirit of previous test/ignore threads:


Do we need a TIPAA disclaimer form now?

(Tesla Information Portablity & Protection Act)

Okay-- back to ignoring


¡Bienvenidos, y como estas!




Ok, Sergeant.

This private wannabe thread has major issue in general. I therefore salute it.

Tesla baffles me. The car is futuristic...but this? Is Tesla IT under Tesla Corporate?

It is under Marshal law.


Still Grinning ;-)

Silly, we are Borg.

Many colonels and kernels of nonsense.

We've had a Major Failure of this test.

Yes, that seems to be the General Observation.

Not to be confused with General Principal.

Things never get boring round here.....

Or the Heisenberg no sure principle.

no = not

That's it! S alset your a genius!

To determine the place and time of the Model X reveal one need only apply the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle/Formula. It will provide you with the exact location of the Model X reveal. Of course to know the exact place forfeits any knowledge of when.

On the other hand just solve for time and you will know the exact time of the reveal. Of course it could happen anywhere in the universe.

Now before you discount's(man you have a long handle) brilliant observation consider, it is as good an explanation as any have come up with and it does match Tesla's definition of "soon."

This analysis was brought to by those who provide content really worthy of ignoring!

jjs. You're right! I read you whole post and don't remember a thing.
Like McClary, I think I'll start a new closing statement.


I think I read that in the General forum.