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Rinspeed Concept Car Making MS Look Bad

Just watch it for a few seconds and tell me what you think.


It looks like a commercial aimed at the "0.001%" of the future, as depicted in any of a dozen sci-fi films.

Indeed, current Model S does't have a coffee machine, it's shite!

The girl's cute though...

360-swivel seats? Orrite. Someone's trying too hard.

How do they keep the coffee from tipping when they hit "go?" And where did they get that awful color?

I think I could make an ad for an even more futuristic concept that's just as likely to be offered for sale in my lifetime.

There's already another thread on this concept in puke color last month...

I think it's futuristic and cool. They could use any cars to do the video. I'm glad they choose the MS because MS is the coolest and most futuristic car.