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Request to all who will be in Antwerp, Belgium, on Saturday or Sunday February 9th or 10th, for a test drive in a Tesla Model S.

If you are one of those lucky people, my question to you is: "Would it be possible if I could sit on the back seat when you do your test drive in a Tesla Model S?"

I just want to experience how good this Tesla Model S really is, and I would like to make some photo's.

I live in Den Helder, The Netherlands, which is about 250 km from Antwerp, Belgium. The next two stops of the "Get Amped Tour" are in Hamburg, Germany, and Copenhagen, Denmark. These locations are much further from where I live. Therefore I would like to go to Antwerp, Belgium.

Please contact me at

Hi Benz,

Well, if it's just me, you're welcome at my party.
But right now I'm fully booked.
Me, my wife, and 2 kids.
My brother is on the line as first reserve.
If my wife and kids cancel on me, I will let you know, so you can join me.
But little chance on that.
I have a time-slot in Antwerpen, Sat. 9 feb 10:00-11:00 (reservated immideately after I got the email)
So I understand your urge, good luck

All all time-slots realtime fully booked?

Realtime is really ( my iPad does not see when I'm typing something else than Dutch; Have to correct the auto-correct all the time:(

"reservated" ain't not no kinda English word! ;) Just "reserved". And you reversed the 'e' and 'i' in immediately.

@ Martijn
Thanks for your post in this thread. Who knows, maybe your wife and children are not that much interested in EV's, and therefore might just decide to go shopping (it's Saturday). You can let me know by email. Anyhow, you just enjoy your test drive on Saturday.

Is anyone else doing a test drive in Antwerp on Saturday or Sunday?

Is Martijn the only one who is going for the test drive in a Tesla Model S this weekend in Antwerp? I think not, there must be many more people who will be doing the same thing.

@benz. i'm there friday. You' re welcome!

@ The Froq

Please contact me via:

Well, The Froq has not replied yet. Anyone else going this weekend to Antwerp for a test drive in a Tesla Model S? Saturday of sunday would be great.

Was that you sat. 10 AM, red jacket?
Then you have gotten your backseat ride !