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Cabin heat source?

Not sure if the model S uses heat from the motor and battery to heat up the interior, but if not, it could help extend the range in the winter. It still needs the electric heaters to get the interior to comfortable temperature quicker, but once the motor and battery are warm that heat source could possible maintain the interior temperature without using extra power from the batteries.

what you think?

The heat from the motors gets pushed into the batteries I believe. So either way you would using electricity to heat SOMETHING.

This heat is waste heat... it is not using electricity to heat something... It is using electricity to run the electric motor, if the motor is 90% efficient, then you getting almost 10% of the energy as heat. batteries them self usually get warm as they discharge. all this heat has to go somewhere...

Ah, I see what you are saying. Misread your post somehow.

@Teslajolt, I believe that Cloroxbb is correct, there is not enough "waste" heat to go to the cabin as the battery temperature needs to be managed too, and when the cabin needs heat, so does the battery. I don't know the details of the Tesla thermal management, but my instincts are that they are separate systems for better or worse.

@Leofingal, it is very possible, just wanted to make sure Tesla is not missing out. Some times the little things can be missed.

electric-hydronic heating system is the source of cabin heat and the likely source of temp control for regulating the battery system. Its in the frunk area. Pretty cool layout once you remove the frunk container and 4 pieces of fascia.