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Positive frist report from Consumer Report on their Model S with Supercharging Experience

I am always amused articles complaining other EVs can not charge at the SC. How is a Leaf going to get to the next SC - on a flatbed?

Awesome. Can't wait for the whole review.

The one part where he is incorrect is that the car needs (implied) the twin chargers in order to use superchargers. Which isn't the case.

"The one part where he is incorrect is that the car needs (implied) the twin chargers in order to use superchargers. Which isn't the case."

Where does he say that (or even imply it)? I don't see any reference to the twin chargers at all.

I thought it was a pretty good report. No gaffs or factual errors - unlike many reports out there.

It also mentioned that TM would be installing some EVSEs that non-Tesla's can use. I didn't know that. If it's true, it probably means 70 amp J1772 equipment at the same site as the SC.

gregv64- Watch the video at the end of the article where he mentions twin chargers being needed to use the Superchager.

In the video he says at 0:45 that the twin chargers allow the car to be charged up in 30 minutes. Sort of two mistakes in one.

Another error in the article:
"It's hard not to get mesmerized by the 17-inch touch-screen display. Though it's the sole interface for the audio system and other common vehicle functions, it's easy to use and responds quickly to taps."

He fails to mention that the scroll wheels & buttons on the steering wheel can interface quite nicely with the audio system (selecting volume and media inputs) as well as sunroof, phone calls, screen brightness, etc.

You know, all these errors in this particular consumer reports series (including the first one they did), isn't helping their image of being knowledgeable about what the heck they are reviewing...

The reviewer may not be knowledgeable but he is clearly pleased with the car so far. I'm figuring CR will write a very positive review on the S.

The video is not new to the article - I was referring to the text.

The video is old, that was already pointed out to them and corrected a while ago. I thought you were referring to the new article.

@DouglasR, I just read an article regarding Verizon and 12 other companies working with the U.S. DOE to add chargers at work places. Tesla is mentioned as one of the other 12 companies. There's not much info though. Here's the link: