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Self-balancing 120mph 150+mile enclosed 2-passenger electric motorcycle

Different versions of the C-1 will be available for different markets. The model aimed at First World countries will have an 8-10 kilowatt-hour battery pack, while a model intended for developing nations will be rated at about 4-6 kWh. The vehicle will incorporate electric hub motors in both wheels, at least one of those motors being a high-performance Remy HVH unit. The top speed should be at least 120 mph (193 km/h), with driving range for the higher-end model expected to sit at around 150 to 220 miles (241 to 354 km) per charge, depending on the exact size of the battery.
Lit Motors is now accepting US$250 refundable deposits, from people interested in becoming early adopters of the vehicle. Approximately 25 deposits have been made so far, mainly from Europe.

Video about this and related LIT products/inventions:

+1 to the design aesthetics of the lightcycle. Maybe TM could acquire these guys and make it beautiful and timeless.

200-mile Range, 100+ MPH/160+ KPH, Self-balancing, Enclosed Motorcycle

From the Lit Motors FAQ:

What are the basic specs of the C-1?
The C-1 will have a top speed of 100+ mph (160+ kph), 0-60 mph (0-100 kph) in <6 seconds, and a range of 200 miles (320 km) per charge. Dimensions: 800 lbs. (360 kg) curb weight, 112″ (2.8 m) long, 55″ (1.4 m) tall, 40″ (1 m) wide. As we are not yet at production, all figures are best estimates.
How does the C-1 stay upright?
The C-1 is self-balancing, using two gyroscopes to keep the vehicle upright when stopped. The C-1 has “landing gear” which are deployed when parked to keep the vehicle upright. The gyros are fully controlled by the vehicle, allowing the C-1 to lean itself into and out of turns, maintaining stability at all times. And yes, it has a reverse gear!

I wonder if C-1 could be modified to work with SC. It's battery is a lot smaller so it could be that it can't accept that high power, but it it could SC could "fill up" it in just couple of minutes.

Double the battery capacity for 400 mile range and you have a very nice car/bike.


They are driving the prototype now. Should post video soon!

Still coming "soon" w/ the driving videos (for reservation holders first).

No updates yet. I hope they don't try to announce something on Oct/9.

What's special about Oct 9?

Umm .. lets see... Oct 9th
It has a D in it somewhere, I think

I really think this is a seriously cool machine, but its price entry point is too high to make it a mass seller IMO.
If they could make a C1 for a little less than $24k (more like $14k after rebates) and works as promised then I would buy one for sure, and it would get a lot of sales.
Love the fact it gets 675 mpge and can ride on snow and ice like a 4 wheel drive car.
This could be perfect for Tesla to take over and bring to a larger audience at a lower price.

A smaller battery takes just as long to fill, because it has a lower C#. Same % per hour.

Or just a lower # of cells, each of which fills at the same rate in smaller and larger packs.

If the C-1 has 10+C recharging rate then it can recharge in 6 minutes and because SC can deliver 120kW that's realistic "couple of minutes" for 10kWh battery (10kWh*10C=100kW power).

We don't know how high maximum C rate C-1 has. LiFePO4 batteries can have rather high C-rates (A123 and Altairnano high power batteries are LiFEPO4 -batteries).

Unfortunately it (highly) probably isn't build to use TM SC stations.

Motorcycle use will explode when autonomous driving is the rule.

I am not sure what is going on. But such products are ought to rule the world.

This @Brian H post and a strong agreement w/ it inspired me to write about it too. Lit Motors has come up w/ a true vehicle for the masses. Some are not convinced, but I think Tesla Motors should acquire Lit Motors. A small preview:

A C-1 would save parking space, zip through traffic, cost less money, and spare the air like nothing else on the road, and look good doing it.
A C-1 backed by Tesla Motors, their Service Centers, and Supercharger Network would be very popular. Having a truly affordable C-1 will drive the demand for in-city charging options. ...which can only help other vehicles Tesla Motors builds.

The C-1 would go a long way to achieving Tesla's goal of electricfying transportation. It's a very stylish, unique two-wheeled EV:

Uh... YUCK.

Let me know when they make it look like this instead:

TRON Light Cycle

Nah, stupid glitz ain't Elon's style.

Doesn't have to glow... Just would be nice if it was... SEXY!

how about this :)