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Range Anxiety? Tesla Motors Notoriety.

My amateur attempt at a marketing slogan. You've got my full permission to use it (just send me some swag if you do!)

I think it flows and sounds better without "motors".

Range anxiety?
Tesla notoriety.

Can help to check the syllabel count...

1, 1+3
2, 2+3

In common speech, "notoriety" is associated with misbehaviour and a scandalous reputation. Back to the thesaurus.

Range anxiety? Rx Tesla.

@Brian H, good to know that my understanding of that word was correct.

How about "Range Anxiety? You don't use gas in this car, dummy."

Makes even less sense.

Too smart? Implication that gasoline gives you range anxiety.

This is a really good marketing slogan:

"Tesla technology kills range anxiety"

It's short, strong, positive and straight to the point.

You have my permission to use it (a Signature Performance Model X will do just fine).

"Go Far With a Tesla"

My slogan sounds like a victory, or like a not expected technological brakethrough.