while we are waiting the last hours...

... it's a hard time- the last days without "S"... there is a black hole around teslas newsstream and it's getting kind of boring, while at the same time it's get hot and we all get very nervous.
Maybe we can bring in some fun in the meantime and post cool-Tesla-Videos-which-are-new-to-the-community..
I'll start with this... ok, it's a roadster BUT against a Lambo...
please fix me with your thrilling videos here:

Don't forget, tomorrow is the Final Tuesday, GB's Big Finish on the blog.

The author of that video, btw, is tailing (and planning to pass) a Citroen EV that started a round-the-world EV tour a couple of months earlier. He's doing it on his own dime, mostly, and would appreciate contributions, or even sponsorships! Started in Germany, has crossed the US, landed in Seoul on the way to China, now in Tinjian, China.

Wonder when the "pass" will occur ...

I 3 U!

Till the start of Tesla Summer!

Not videos, but very nice and detailed photos (and plenty thereof) of the first production Model S Performance:

"Tesla Founders Series #1 - Owned by TSLA Director Steve Jurvetson"
(Photos by Russell Engle)

Started in Germany, has crossed the US, landed in Seoul on the way to China, now in Tinjian, China. (Brian H)

Actually, he started in Barcelona, Spain.

Thanks Volker!

Great pics.

I do seem to like the Sig Red and def not the spoiler.

Apr. 23 Munich
"Waiting for last service to be done @TeslaMotors in Munich before start"
Apr. 24 - Fribourg
May 10 - Barcelona

Thanks Volker! Great Input, great details..

Counting down, with nervous stutter:

While waiting, I was looking at this...


Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling!

Here's the link where the live stream of The Ceremony TM ;-) will be available:

(If you are in the Central European Time zone, the event will start at 0:30 early Saturday morning. I think I'll be fine watching the recording after the fact...)

from now on it's 1 day 1 hour and 20 minutes... I think, delivery starts with the market bell...
so 3.30PM german time

Whity Whiteman, I'd be glad if that count-down were correct, but unfortunately, it's wrong:

The count-down graphics that show the remaining time until June 22, 3:30 pm PDT are broken: They depend on the time/zone settings of the client.

Change your computer's time and/or time zone setting. Reload the page that embeds the counter. The counter shifted by the same amount that you skewed your local time.

That was indeed the official start, apparently. The other stuff on his FB and Twitter pages were preparatory.

It now seems the 14-day lag between his arrival in China and the start of his "driving permit" period is going to defeat his "round the world in 80 days" schedule. I suppose, unlike David Niven, he lost a day at the Date Line, too.

But I'm not sure where the Citroen team is right now. Since it had a 90+ day head start, it's travelling at less than ½ his speed, I assume.

Seems like only yesterday the PDT countdown said

and now it's about 1/22 of all that!

One for the money ...

Edit: wrong banner. Should have been:

VB: what better time than the marketbell could they choose?

I cannot believe, that they doesn't Time ist like this... the countdown Shows in their website targets tomorrow market start

Today I received an email that explicitly states: "JUNE 22ND AT 3:30 P.M. PDT"

Besides, the count-down should be the same for all time zones. If I see different remaining times depending on my local computer's time or time zone setting, something is obviously broken. usual you are correct.

Thanks Volker Berlin. Everyday I learn something new. I was enjoying Russ Engle’s photos of “S1” . I liked the etched Founder on the side marker but was surprised by the “285 phase current amplification “ badge. Never heard about that.

Petero: I think that`s a "P85", as in "Performance 85 kWh"

I guess "phase current amplification" is Tesla's way of saying "intercooler turbocharged". ;-)

Or hand-wound stator enhancement, as in Performance Motors. Betcha.

For those of you waiting to configure your car and can't decide on a color, take a look at this:


Slindell. "P85" makes sense, thanks for the info.

George B., tomorrow you are a hero, delivering 10 cars, production has begun. So, starting Saturday 6-23-12, how many "s" can we expect to be coming out of Freemont?

Yes, the delivery dates (months) so far don't appear to provide for much delivery mojo during July or August. Is that just "expect little, so you won't disappoint"??

I guess I'm getting green (or brown). Was brown included in the study?

The 'Last Day' begins:

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