WA Model S Owners - Found Great Insurance Rate

Greetings fellow WA owners. My Model S is scheduled for delivery in June and I've been shopping for insurance. It's been about as much fun as a root canal.
The Model S is not a cheap car to insure, but here's some information I hope others in WA can use.

Current insurance: National Merrit. I've been with them 20 years. For my situation (married, two cars, great credit, safe neighborhood) they have always had the best rate I could find. I normally check/shop about every five years. They quoted my Model S as an additional $600 per year. Very competitive.

Shopping Process: I subscribe to and find it very useful when shopping for a variety of local services. Using price and satisfaction ratings as primary considerations, I used their online tool to get a list of companies sorted by price. Satisfaction numbers/ratings are also listed.

At the top (inexpensive) of the list is National Merrit, my current insurer. Listed second was Safeco. I first tried to use the quote tool at No luck. It can't calculate rates for a Tesla. Instead it provided me with a phone number to call and I did.

Here's the good part: I called and spoke with an agent named Adam Levine (888-733-3311 x4672). First of all, he was very helpful and accomodating. I hope you will ask for him when you call. They work on commission and I like to see good service rewarded. The quote? $360 per year. That's not a typo, and I don't mean every six months. That's almost half price compared to National Merrit.

While price is important and I've switched to Safeco, I highly suggest getting a quote from National Merrit too. They've been an outstanding insurer for me and always provided A+ customer service.

Best Regards to all of my Fellow WA Model S owners. My car will be delivered in June and I hope to see you around Bellevue.

What are the coverage limits and deductibles?

It's probably best to call Adam and compare your current policy for an apples-to-apples rate. Then you can adjust as needed. I found that even significant adjustments had small affects on the rate. A lot of the rate is based on your personal situation (age, city, claim history, etc.) so everyone will get a different quote.

Very interesting. Thanks for the tip eAdopter.

Very interesting. Thanks for the tip eAdopter.

For those who call Safeco and get a quote, let us know if you obtained a better/worse rate.

Insurance rates can vary widely based on many factors. I was hesitant to post the information, but will share future findings if people get a quote and were glad to receive the information.

Hello eAdopter

Its very confusing are you saying its 360 EXTRA per year -- is that correct that essentially implies you are getting 3 cars insurued (not sure what you current total is ) + 360 ?

A better comparison would be what is the pricing for just the model s for an entire year.

I am hoping to get my car on the 9th , got a quote from PEMCO (current insurance provider) total is going to be 1900 for 2 cars per year ( after i remove my 2nd car which i plan to sell).

For me, it's under $1100/year for three cars including the Models S. Rather than go into a lot of details, just call Adam at Safeco and get a quote. Let us know how it goes.

It may be too late for some, but I'm currently working with an electrician to install a NEMA 14-50. I'll share more on that when the work is complete. Again, very significant value/savings. (Youl'll notice that's a theme with me).

I just received a quote from Adam. He really wanted to thank the folks that have been posting his information on these blogs, he has been receiving a lot of calls.

My quote was about $400/6 months less than my current policy, with the same coverage. I also received separate quotes on 2 older vehicles and they were about the same as my current policy.

A savings of $800 per year? Awesome! I'm glad Adam was able to help.
$800 is enough to buy your buddy eAdopter a good beer. I'm just sayin' ;)

Update: Adam's phone number indicates he is out for an "extended" period. The person I spoke to at Safeco indicated that they do not insure Teslas at all.

Pretty decent quote from Pemco for only $90 dolars more per 6 months than my 2008 XC90.

Fyi - I insured my p85d with Safeco end of last year. The price was ~1k for the year, this included new parts only, 1 year new replacement, etc - so the high bar in all likelihood.

Have had my P85 insured with Safeco since March 2013.

I have my P85 insured as well. $750 / year. Prevously they covered my 2010 Roadster.

With Safeco.

Any issues with Safeco insurance? I've read a lot of bad reviews online but they seem popular for WA Tesla insurance.

Safeco has paid to comp claims on my P85 due to deer not looking both ways before crossing the road. The first was a left front fender, windshied and bumper -- about $6k. The second was on the right front fender which didn't include the windshield but did get the headlight. About $8k for that one.

No problems with getting the work done or with getting paid.