Can anybody give any reason why Tesla has the cheapest looking visors you can imagine? My first used car ($3,500) in the early 80's had better visors. How expensive can it be to put in a decent visor.

they seem fine to me.

- No light in the mirror
- Installed in a weird angle so you can't actually see yourself unless you unhinge them
- mirror hinges are flimsy and break all the time

Point being, why install such cheap visors in an expensive great car?

My take: they were not a design priority.

I'm surprised one of the enterprising aftermarket folks hasn't come up with an add-on or replacement.

Visors and cupholder locations are not something I lose sleep over.

I actually think they're pretty cool. Some big flap that came down would probably provide more functionality, but it would look nearly as good.

My only complaint about the visors is they too anorexic. I would prefer them to be wider –otherwise they are fine.

see this one for the console, maybe they will make visors too!

Tesla Center Console by Avantelle

It is ridiculous to suggest to buy aftermarket visors for a $100000 car. They are a basic part of any car. Tesla should redesign the visors and provide the lighted visors they originally promised.

+1 for nvjx, but at this point, probably not going to happen.

The plastic hinge on the visor will likely break soon. It happened to me and the loaner had the same problem. They replaced them and told me they were working on a redesign

Same with rhe seatbelts... Feels very cheap...

You made a choice when you bought your S--free market economy. If the fit and finish and interior details were not satisfactory to you, you should have not bought your S. This subject and similar ones have been discussed to death here (use to search) and over at TMC.

JPPTM - We made our choice based on what Tesla advertised on their specs page when we placed our orders. When it comes to the lighted vanity mirrors, and the flash memory storage for music, they didn't deliver. Is it a deal breaker? Of course not, but it also doesn't speak well for Tesla.

LOL! Try sitting up straight. Seriously the things people whine about. I like them.

When I first saw it visor in the show room, I thought it was a joke. However, now that I have the car, I am much satisfied with the visor than in any other car I have driven.

What a bunch of whiners! Enjoy the car for what it is... an amazing, American engineered and produced technological feat! For those of you on the fence about buying a Model S, please note: no coat hooks, side door pockets, lighted visors, back seat cup holders, etc. If you're not interested in a very fun driving experience, then go waste your money on an ICE and sit your butt in the driver's seat at night, pull down your visor, experience the light going on and look into the mirror at a complete idiot.

If former NBA star Allen Iverson owned a Tesla, he'd be saying: "We in here talkin' bout visors... not a car, not a car. Not a car... visors! We talkin' bout visors! We should be talkin' bout the most exciting advance in automobile transportation in decades and we in here talkin' bout visors! Damn!"

@expgahacker +1

It is not a question of whining - hacker. Those of us who ordered the car years ago based on the specs publicized by Tesla expect Tesla to abide by its specs. There is no complaint here about the external looks or drivability of the car. Things like cheap visors degrade the car, especially when you are showing it off and trying to sell it to your friends. Like I said before even inexpensive cars have better visors than the so called "Best car in the World" described by Mr Musk himself.

Invoking the free market argument is not valid. There are no competitors if you want an extended range electric vehicle. It is more a case of take it or leave it. Yes the subject has been done to death here, but saying that this is not really a $100000 plus car, it is a $40000 car with an expensive battery does not change the argument. There are many low budget vehicles (cheaper than $40000) that have basic amenities like disability-aid grab handles and a place to put your sunglasses without them being exposed to view, and supportive adjustable seats (even as an option) There is no getting away from the interior letting down the awesome technology and exterior design that makes this car desirable.
I am not an American, I am Australian, and yes, as far as US cars go, this is much the best. Nationalism does not therefore affect me. Is it on a par with European or Japanese? As far as interior design and comfort go, probably not. Panel alignment issues as reported here and on TMC at this time are not really acceptable after this much time. We are not in the first stages with Elon walking the line (altho' maybe he should to fix the issues). Different coloured doors being delivered is an example!!
I have a reservation for one now going on 3 years plus, so I don't expect to be attacked by the usual evangelists on this site. I am becoming increasingly concerned at the fit and finish issues being reported by both USA owners and European owners, so concerned in fact, that i put down expression of interest money on the BMW i3, knowing that it is far from the car that this one is.
Yes this is a new car company and yes they need some slack cut, but the personal opinion of the CEO and whether "likes" parking sensors for example, should not be a factor. Feedback from customers (the customer is always right) should play a far more essential and central role. Seating? Give people a choice. Same with most other issues.
Believe it or not, i AM a fanboy. Just, after 3 years of following the company (and holding shares) a dose of reality is setting in. The cost of the car in Australia is likely to be A$130000 plus. in its base mode. For that price i consider that I am entitled to top of the line inside and out! No matter if a lot of that is taxes etc. the cost to me is what it is.

@nvjx - I married my wife years based on specs she publicized years ago. I, too, expected her to live up to her specs. Haha... I learned that marketing hype about ALL things is just that... marketing hype. You just have to be bright enough to know the difference. To me, she is the best wife in the world and that's what matters. To me, my Model S is the best car I've ever owned and THAT's what matters. It has surpassed my expectations and is an absolute joy to ride every day. Come to think of it, so is my wife.

Seriously, if the visor issue bothers you because it "degrades" the car, then you best bolt from this purchase. If the visors bother you, wait until you open and close the glove box or roll over a set of double railroad tracks and listen to the creaks. Mr. Musk, in his job as top dog at Tesla, has a duty to his employees, stockholders, customers and prospects to hype this car in any fashion he sees fit. It is up to you to decide for yourself if this EV meets your expectations. If "cheap" visors bother you, then PLEASE do not buy a Model S. Mr. Musk will never be able to satisfy you.

@dborn - see above. You want cheap? Wait until you examine the i3. In addition to my 85, I have a Leaf and a BMW Active E so I know what I am talking about here. I've owned Mercedes, BMW, Lexus and Audi and they are all great cars but not one of them builds the best car in the world. So let Mr. Musk boast all he wants. It's just hype but it makes a bold statement.

@exPGAhacker you are hilarious. Love the Iverson bit, but, respectfully, I have the best wife in the world.

I asked about sun visors today. The answer I got was that they hadn't heard anything about them recently and they are still in the pipe, as far as they know. Maybe they'll investigate the status. We'll see....

8,000 miles and no problem with the visors. Once you actualy own a car and drive it you find they work just fine for the intended purpose.

If they don't block enough window for shorter people, just raise your seat until the visor is in the right place.

Non issue. I think they look good in the car and perform the function they are installed for.


They have a mirror in the visor? Who knew, have never had a need to use one.

+ 1 jonlivesay

I think they need some cheese with all of this whine!!!

Get over it! Model S is the best vehicle on earth!. Everyone else is trying to play catchup.

If you don't like it, then sell your Model S to someone that will appreciate it.

@dborn - hang in there! I seriously think about you every week as I remember how hard it was to wait 1 year to receive my car, and I know you're receiving very poor communication as you're waiting several years for the RHD version. It must be excruciating. You're sounding desperate (understandably), and I hope you don't give up too soon after waiting so long. Once you get the car and drive it for a few weeks it will be worth the extra amount you have to pay, and the small design flaws that don't quite match up with a $100k car that is able to leverage decades of previous design improvements. No, it won't be a perfect car. But it will live up to everything you hoped it would be when you made your deposit 3 years ago, and in the end you'll be a very happy driver with a great story to tell about your odyssey to own a Model S.
Cheers, mate.

Many of the "flaws" aren't. They are design choices that grow on owners with time. Finishing a long road trip with no fatigue or seat discomfort, etc.

Oh for heaven's sake: no one is knocking the car because of the visors. You may love your house/condo/apt., but that doesn't mean you never want to upgrade something or add an improvement. Same with a vehicle...any vehicle. Or an airplane, or a set of scuba gear.

The Model S is the best car on the road. That does not mean it is perfect.

thranx - True. But don't you dare point that out lest the wrath of the fanboies shall descend upon thy head.

The skinny sun visor works for the sleek line of the windshield. A taller visor would reduce the visibility to the road.

@exPGAhacker - I may have to start a class action lawsuit to sue da wifey for false advertisements based on a promises from two decades ago.

Any other agonized hubbies want to jump in the wrongful promise lawsuit?

P.S. Must have lost more than $200k on this investment in order to join the class action.

Where's the dang ambulance chasing lawyers when you need them???