My first supercharger experiences

I was on a roadtrip this last weekend, and managed to used both the Centralia and Burlington superchargers.

At both occasions there were 2 other cars using the chargers, and it actually turned out to be a very social experience, with the other drivers swapping stories and tips.

In both cases I pulled in with less than 50 miles of charge left. The Centralia charger maxed out at 285 miles per hour, and the Burlington one at 274 miles per hour - very impressive.

Overall and simple and quick procedure.

Your bottom line is what Tesla intended!

I did my first Supercharger stop at Centralia this morning. No one else was there. From 50 to 170 miles in under half an hour. Walked over to the Starbucks and had a latte. Perfect break on a road trip.

Sounds great. I can't wait until the complete our state with one in Central WA and Spokane.