Depreciation guess - any info on Roadster?

I'm trying to decide on the actual cost, to me, of the Model S. I know about gas savings, etc etc. But the biggest cost of owning any car is the depreciation. This car, unfortunately, has no history to go by.

The best comparison I can think of is to see how the Roadster has depreciated.

Anyone have any info on how the Roadster has depreciated?

I waited and waited for the prices to come down on Roadsters. The the prices really didn't start to come down until the Roadster owners started selling their cars to take delivery of their Model S. So, I ended up getting the Model S instead.

The situation may not be so extreme this time because there are so many more Model S out there.

You can find a Roadster for about 85-90. So You should find a Model S at about 10-20% off original list price in about 3 years.

Roadsters are much more rare and it is true enthusiast car. I don't think MS will hold that well.

Well for me moving from 5 series MS is more expensive but saving are in gas costs, repairs after warranty, oil changes (unless you want to kill you BMW by following their official schedule) and so on.

It, of course, all depends on how long you want to keep it. After 6-7 years all cars depreciate about the same

Not proven with Tesla, yet.