Is the dashboard trim something new?

Is the dashboard trim something new?
Is it something the one I ordered will have since I ordered a P85 and now it's standard with that? Or is the parcel shelf all over again?

It's a free option IF you buy the upgraded headliner for $1500.

Yes, but when I ordered the headliner on my S in May the dashboard was not an option?

@AZNick - That is true. It only became a new option this week. It didn't exist before this so it's not the same as the Parcel shelf.

I was not impressed by the leather wrapped dash personally having seen it both ways. This might be a nice alternative to that but I'm kinda happy to stick with none since it'll just make cleaning more effort.

I wonder if that's retrofittable. I'd like to have that...

What are you guys talking about? What new dashboard trim?

free = included. Always make that substitution.

@jordanrichard - You have to look on the Tesla order page to see the full details. It changes parts of the top dash.