Anyone gets MS with standard suspension already ?

Anyone gets MS with standard suspension already ? If yes, can share your experience ?

Not made or delivered yet.

I was given a delivery window of Apr 1 - Apr 15 for 60, std suspension, seq 10760

When did you order the 60? I placed paperwork Dec 2012 and they still havent told me delivery. Im waiting on 60KWH STandard. I was told April then May/June now they dont even really know. No VIN for me yet.

I pick up my S85 tomorrow at the factory. It has standard suspension.

There are some on TMC reporting they have their MS's w/standard suspension.

Not sure what gives, I reserved in 12/2011 (seq 6492), finalized in very early January, and don't have a delivery window yet. Got the "May/June" general timeframe from the delivery specialist last week.

85 w/ standard suspension, tech, 19', pan roof
* Reserved 1/16/13
* Config 2/5/13
* Final Payment 3/19
* Pick up from Costa Mesa Service Center this Wed - 3/27 - Cant Wait!!

@crttnarayan when did you reserve? I put my deposit down in January 2011 for a standard 60w and haven't gotten a delivery window yet. Calls to TM say I should be one of the first 60s, but I'm still waiting. And wondering what value there was to put down a deposit so far in advance.

I just got my VIN yesterday for a 60 with standard suspension to be delivered late April. Finally closing in on the end of an over 2 year wait. Put down my deposit February 2011.

I finalized in mid December. Called TM 5 days ago and he told me I am still on target for delivery mid April.. No delivery button though. He also told me if I did not get the button over the weekend I should call again on Monday.

Anybody know who makes the air suspension.

Could you guys please also post your recent VINs ? Thanks :)

Picked up my 85 w/ standard suspension, tech, 19', pan roof on Tuesday - Wow! It's amazing.
I test drove the air suspension 3x before the delivery of my car and I honestly can't tell the difference.
Drive and handles like a dream... no regrets on my decision.

Possibly standard suspension is even better for handling than air suspension.

Chris Harris testing Porsche Panamera diesel (watch at 10:40):

Been driving my standard suspension for a week and it's great. And I rode with a friend who has a P85 and he couldn't tell the difference.

But can you adjust the height? Does it lower at highway speeds?

Question is, does the standard suspension use coils? I'm assuming it is a coil-over shock set up that uses the same control arms as the air?

Has anyone with the standard suspension looked behind the wheels, are there coils back there?

Well, I'll answer my own question. My Model S arrived today. The suspension is coils over Bilstein shocks. I have 19" wheels. I have about 2 hours behind the wheel of a 21", air suspension Model S. I don;t know if it is the 19" wheels or the coil springs but I much prefer this ride fir comfort and it still stays flat in hard coernering.

I mostly got air suspension so I could navigate steep driveways, including mine and two places I visit frequently. Well, that plus getting my car 3 months earlier...