So who has cancelled and why?

On the fence now that configurng time is here.

I might ask why you are on the fence? I can tell you that even thought the car is expensive, it is worth double what I paid for it IMHO. It's the most exciting purchase and one of the few that I didn't have buyers remorse over.

Motoring, have you test driven yet? I would never rationally consider a car at this price, nor would I consider an electric car something practical, but after a test drive, I can't imagine NOT getting the car.

I got my car on Monday and it is absolutely incredible. No remorse at all and I smile everytime I drive by a gas station. The thing that blew me away the most is the way the car drives and handles. You will not regret it!

It's strange...
The car feels so special when I drive it. It makes me think that it might just start glowing in the dark or levitate or something.

I'm still in the afterglow phase. My one month delivery anniversary was yesterday.

@Captain_Zap, I have officially had mine for a month as well as of yesterday! :)

I do have one regret... that I waited until Jan 2012 to reserve!!

It's the electromagnetic energy coming up between our legs giving us all the tinglies. That's why we're addicted.

But I don't even feel my cell phone vibrating in my pocket! :D

Happy Anniversary BYT!

You remember that girl that got away? Well....;)

One week anniversary and as someone else here said, I'm still driving it like I stole it.

To poach Steve Goodwin's lyrics, "Ride Telsa's magic carpet, Made of aluminum."

Ya, I know it doesn's scan so good, but the image works!

typo: it doesn't scan...

I can't imagine why one would have been wiling to deposit $5000 a while ago but not willing to move forward unless their financial condition is not where they assumed it would be. Model S has been winning award after after award and received glowing reviews from every direction even ones that are typically anti-EV. Production has ramped up and to my knowledge, the bugs have been relatively few and minor. Tesla now has super chargers in place and plans to quickly build out many more. They have opened more service centers and continue to do so. They had a successful follow on offering and have reasonable operating cash with the bulk of the cash intensive, big ramp up items behind them. Their reservation rate has skyrocketed.

In short, they have executed very, very well on nearly every goal that was publicized and even some that were not. I am curious, with others posting here, why would you be considering not finalizing at this time?

There was a time when I was on the fence as well. It is new technology and the performance model that I reserved was more expensive than anything I had considered before. A few months back there were fewer tech features that were not yet available and no certainty that they would be employed (auto extending handles, voice commands, OTA updates, etc.). Driving the car helped seal the deal for sure, but watching how quickly and efficiently Tesla has been updating the software and enhancing capabilities has really reassured me that I made the right decision to sign the MVPA. I have no regrets since.

Started with the 150 mile model reservation 3 years ago. When the colors were announced I changed to the Signature Red. It has now been 2.5 months since #218 was delivered to my door. EVERY single day 2-3 people walk up to me as I get out of the car & ask "What is it?" - Tesla.... "Who makes it?" - Tesla.... "What's a Tesla? - a 100% electric car... "How far does it go?.... 300 miles per charge.... "Wow - They can do that? I thought it was a Ferrari - cool looking, great car!".... The best part is when I open the "Frunk" to show them the "engine" that isn't there. Eyes pop open every time...

The "What's a Tesla?" question is less frequent since the car of the year award, but it still happens once in a while. Mostly it's just enthusiasts who are happy to get to see one up close. Last week some guy pulled next to me at a red light, cell phone camera clicking away, & gave me the 2 thumbs up.

Never spent this much for a car before - never will again. But you only live once. What a feeling! It was worth every penney spent. Just finalize the purchase. You will NEVER regret it.

Hey BYT, Good question. Folks, I'm sold on the car and the technology - no question about it. I guess I gave the wrong impression - it is more about do I go for it now & believe me that is so darn easy to want to do. The prudent investor side says 'hold on.' This company is new & even though everyone (it sure seems) is amped, what if I wait a year or two when the car will be even better and just as importantly Tesla's financial issues are clearer and the uncertainty about it as a going concern is resolved. True the car is a lot of money - it's not so much about that as it is prudent investment and timing. I've driven the car & it is a 'gas' - bad pun but there you are. I'm sold on the cart -- timing is the thing.

Best thing I could tell you is that the Model S is a 1st iteration car that can be updated to a Nth iteration car over WiFi. There isn't much that can't be updated over-the-air. TM has put all the tech in the car it just needs to be lit-up.

What kept me on board when I questioned my judgement was the Roadster owners and their confidence. Listening and to their experiences with their cars and Tesla Motors gave me all the information and consolation I needed.

They were very well supported and got great service. There was no one else that had more confidence in Tesla Motors' capabilities and committment to making their car awesome and keeping them awesome than the Roadster owners. They are a bunch of really sharp folks that are eager to teach and share.

They are the ones that kept me going when all I had to go on was a brochure, a web page, TMC, a glimpse of a Beta and Elon Musk's vision. Even after seeing the shortcomings of the Betas it was the Roadster owners that confidently reassured us that Tesla would make things right and then some more. I still run on that faith and confidence and I have found that it feels good for a change.

I have not had a single moment of buyer's remorse. I have had bugs with my car but I have no doubts that Tesla will fix them until the car is perfect. I will have an even more spectacular car with every update. It is almost like getting a new car every month. The thrill lives on.

:-D <--- Tesla Grin


I think you gotta get comfortable with the plain fact that buying a mid-high end luxury auto is NEVER a good investment. A prudent investor would buy a Camry and invest the difference in something that won't depreciate 50 grand minimum over the next five years.

Investment is what got you in a position to buy it. Now, put "investment" mindset away and admit to yourself this is purchasing a consumable good, not an investment. Then decide if this is the consumable good you want to spend your investment earnings on.


The only reason I would have canceled is if my current ICE died before I got my S. Luckily that date should only be a month or so away and I can rent something to cover if it happens now. I wish they had the S out last year. The service engine soon light has been on for over a year and the repairs are more than the car is worth.


Agreed. Cars are not an investment.
Never thought of a car that way and never will. That is, unless you consider paying a premium for a durable car that will have a longer life as an investment. Instead I think of it as an investment in the car and not an invesment in my portfolio or assets.

I think of collectible cars as more of a gamble or toy than an investment.


Worse case, it's a cool collector car (like a Tucker).

As one of those early adopters (Roadster #672), like Captain Zap has said, I had no doubtdoubt and was sold sight unseen. The only thing I regret is not ordering two Perf Sigs when I had the chance.

I also bought stock as soon as I could and intend on buying more next year. My CFP thought that I was nuts and said "you want to buy what?"

We now have three in our stable and are eagerly waiting on the X, and as soon as the Model R Reservation list starts, I'll be on it.

I also try to convert as many of my friends and family to the Tesla Way (but like any proselytizer, I some times go to far :-) )

--- Addicted to Tesla

Dear Motoring,

P153 here. Three years waiting, and now I've enjoyed two weeks of exhilarating fun interrupted by one speeding ticket. Along the way I've introduced dozens of passengers to the "tesla grin".

My best advice to you if you're wavering about committing to this car is to go watch the movie "Risky Business". To quote Mr. Cruise, "Sometimes you just gotta say, "What the F@*K!" and just do it. Owning this car isn't about investment... it's about being part of the future of personal transportation. Seriously! This vehicle and what it represents (electric drive) is such a fundamental game changer that I can't imagine WHY you'd even consider changing your mind.

Commit! You won't regret it.

@Captain_Zap, Thank you and likewise!! We will have that to be thankful for every year, our Model S anniversaries! :D

He Motoroing, I am the one who posts in other threads that I'm sure people who wait for the next version of the Model S will be getting a better car.

Why then am I taking delivery soon? The reason is because, unless Tesla deviates from their stated plans, there isn't going to be any major update to the Model S any time soon. Their next car is the Model X, and the Bluestar could be better in some ways than the Model S, but it's not that far away (2015), so I'm not sure.

If you wait 5 or maybe even 10 years, then sure I think the car will be remarkably better. But you said, "what if I wait a year or two when the car will be even better" I don't really think the Model S is will be leaps and bounds ahead. Of course, I don't know for sure. I think they could make incremental improvements, maybe even significant additions such as parking sensors and such. However, I don't think there's going to be any crazy huge improvement like a 1000 mile battery or anything like that within two years.

If you really like the car, you should go for it now.

The 'Tesla Way'?!

Hm -- I can see you now, clad in your saffron robes, sitting behind the wheel but not touching it, and levitating the car down the freeway. Passing by lifting over the car(s) in front.

Do you take disciples?

;p <:-D


Understanding your words but still not following the logic. Certainly, Tesla is at a high risk of not making it in the long run but they are much less at risk today than they were when you reserved. They were likely producing 10-100 cars per week at that point. Now they are producing close to 400 per week. They probably had about 14,000 active reservations then and today they have about 16,500. That is a book of about $1.24B in back orders, assuming $80k average sale price less $5K reservation. This is after delivering roughly 3000 cars so far. This doesn't include contracts with Toyota and Mercedes. They are currently reserving at a faster rate than they are delivering. They have a tiny marketing budget and virtually no advertising now, imagine when they start. Access to cash is probably the biggest concern but that is much less so now than it was when you reserved. They were able to raise in significant cash in stock two stock offerings and that was when they were in a much more vulnerable and less valuable state.

Good gravy, you all are a convincing lot. Koz, good perspective on the numbers - actually when we reserved no cars were in production, so it is true there are many more reservations after us and that is good news even accounting for some who will defer or cancel. Olanmills, you also shine a sweet light on the wait one or 2 years thinking. I agree with you Tesla will not fiddle much with the Model S hardware-wise & I do like the software upgrades that will come - new car feeling. Also Captain_Zap & Mark 2131 - very true - wrong point of view using notion this is an investment in the market sense of the word. When I get off that notion, then a whole other story. I'm moving closer -- just a few days left to do the right thing or pay $2,500 more...

Brian H

That's about right! :-)

Please cancel, that will move me one closer to getting my car! (LOL)