Seeking Opti-Coat recommendation (Dayton, OH)

I've seen a lot about Opti-Coat on this forum and have researched it a bit. I'm interested in getting this for my new S, but have been unsuccessful finding someone in the Dayton area who can do this for me. Anyone have any recommendations?

I'm also about an hour from Columbus or Cincinnati ... so I could drive if need be, but prefer to keep my business local.


Maybe e-mail joe - at - orindaautodetail - dot - com and ask him. He has offered references when possible.

Awesome! Thanks tezzla. I looked for something like that on http://www.opti-coat.com/, but couldn't find it.

So which is the "official" site/product? Is one for US and one Europe? The .net site didn't seem to have many details.


@Zero EV, I thought the same thing, not too much information. But hopefully you'll find someone close and call them. That should be a step in the right direction.

@ZeroEV: I had mine Opti-Guarded (the name for professional-grade Opti-Coat) at

ts|s Detailing & Design
Jaison Tortorea, Owner
6426 Madison Rd
Madisonville, OH 45243 (actually in Cincinnati)

Charged me $225 for exterior paint correction and Opti-Guard. Took him about 4 hours. Looked like a million bucks when he was done. Here's a photo:


Thanks cfOH,

I've been emailing both Jaison@ts|s as well as Todd@Esoteric (up in New Albany). ts|s carries Opti-Coat and Esoteric carries 22PLE ... still undecided.

$225 seems to be a great price though! I was looking at the "New Car Prep" + Coat for both outfits and it looks like $325 for ts|s (paint, lights and wheel faces) and $600 for Esoteric (painted and plastic areas, lights and windshield). Leaning toward ts|s due to price.

This is new ground for me as I've always done my own care care (which admittedly isn't much).

For those of you in the Bay Area that are looking for Opti-coat, I have THE GUYS for you. Joe Torbati and his compadre Jeff drove up here to Eureka late Saturday night from SF. This is a 5.5 hour drive and they got here at 1:30 AM. (No one here does Opti-Coat and Joe is the closest to me.) They spent the night at my place and got up at 0800 and got to work. They spent 14 hours prepping the car - 14 hours getting every scratch, swirl, and nick out of the paint with only one break. They didn't finish the Opti-Coat job until almost midnight, when it was perfect. Then they drove back to the Bay Area to report to work at 0800. I have a 2013 85P with Navy metal flake and the factory did a lousy job of polishing the car. For the work, gas and mileage, it was $1,300. I gave them a $200 tip. Well worth the $$ as the car looks fantastic. It actually changed the color some. I'll post photos late.

cfOH: is that the silver? Man, that looks fantastic.

@Zero EV: The $225 price at TSS is exterior only.

@jeffpoel: Gray

@zero EV Wondering what you ended up deciding? Planning on getting some coating done when I bring my car up to the Columbus service center next week for few minor issues. I had been thinking Esoteric but now I like the fact that opticoat is a more permanent sealant. The price for the new car prep is very good at TS-S. May have to make a stop in Cincinnati now as well. Just curious. Saw that Esoteric was willing to coat the plastic in 22PLE, does opti-coat not go on the plastic. I guess there is really no paint to protect in those areas anyway?

Should be deciding today, just waiting on a few more answers and some final pricing. I am leaning heavily toward having them put Xpel on as well due to the amount of driving I do daily.

@zero EV I was planning on going to esoteric but let me know which you choose and how you liked the service. Though expensive I do like the idea that esoteric has worked on a few Teslas. I would get the XPEL if I were you. The last thing you want to see on your nice paint job is a chip from a rock.

jeffpoel--I had Joe do mine too--he is the No CA expert and has the most Tesla Model S under his belt. Took him a full day to 'perfect' my multi-coat red and a half day to OptiCoat. Well worth it...glad he was willing to make the trek (and glad you made it worth his while).

No CA expert, or No 1 CA expert? ;)

Northern CaA and No 1 CA expert...can I have it both ways???

...damn...just forget the typo, Brian...

No CA makes more sense as Northern Cal., didn't even think of that. Point!

If anyone wants to apply a ceramic polymer polish themselves contact me. The key is to have a very clean surface to start with. Applying the sealant is very easy. ger.jones@comcast.net

@zero EV I made an appointment with Jaison today for next week. Going to get the full Xpel and Opticoat treatment done, don't know what it is about this car that makes me want to always get the best for it?!?! :) Anyway, if you are still undecided, I will let you know how it goes after its done.

Just FYI he quoted me $1025 for partial hood and fenders Xpel combined with opticoat and new car prep. $2050 for full Xpel along with the opti/prep.

I am going with Jaison mostly for the Opticoat, over Esoteric, and also better price. The 22PLE only lasts a few years, per most reviews and companies site. Opticoat is considered permanent, or at least 5-6 years per online reviews. In the end, that sold me, I only want to do this once and I don't want to be waxing the car all the time again in 2-3 years. He seals the Xpel under the opticoat so the car should have highway deflector shields for years to come!

planning on doing the same or something close for my car with Jaison

is that the price for full Xpel Ultimate firm protection for just full hood? or full car? or a different Xpel type of firm like Xpel extreme

all these terms are giving me a headache.

I am really confused as I already paid tesla money for paint armor for a "partial" hood cover...


Stereo while parking? Do you have favorite 'parking music'? );p


Are you getting yours done on 9/4? Jaison invited me down to see it done if i wanted ... won't be able to make it though due to work. That was the same pricing I was given ... and I think I've decided on TSS over Esoteric for the same reason (price/OptiGuard). Now I just need to decide if I want to spend the extra $1k for full hood/fenders.

So Jaison at TSS is going to be doing another Model S on Wednesday? I may have to swing by (he's only 3 miles from my house) and check it out. I never get tired of seeing these things. :-)

Jaison does good work. Sorry I missed this. I do offer Opti-coat pro and Cquartz Finest. I am in Kettering. However I will not steer your decision because you have found an equally capable installer. He does come well recommended.

@cfOH @ZeroEV Yes, that is me coming up on 9/4, my car will be there all day (til' about 5 per Jaison) , I'd be happy to show it to you in the evening after work if you want, think I'm planning on staying out by Kings Auto Mall that night as I have an appt. with Columbus SC on Thursday to fix some minor issues I have had since delivery. Planning on getting a free charge from our friends at GM who have a 12 spot solar canapy powered free charging station out there :)) If either you come on over in the daytime, I'm from well out of town and will be looking to kill some time, so meeting another owner would be welcomed. I am getting the full hood/fenders, just couldnt bare the thought of spending 1k for all this and being upset with seeing lines or having the first rock that strikes be in an undefended area. To be honest though, more excited about the opticoat, not having to detail wax this intricate car for the next 10 years is going to give me my 2k back, or at least thats what I told my wife. ;)

Anyway, if either of you want to see the work or arrange a meet up, just stop by Jaison's that day or send me an email, romainiac66@hotmail.com, and we can arrange.

@cfOH---just a hunch given your handle, but are you the HPWC and 50amp located nearby TS/S on PlugShare??

If you don't mind, I may try to view the work also on 9-4.

Problem is I work that nite starting at 7pm and also worked the nite before. Maybe too tired to get over for the event.

Hopefully take before and during and after pictures :)

Here is another question What is: Cquartz Finest and how does that compare? Still trying to decide what to do.............

howard red p85+

@romainiacWV: What time do you think you'll be getting to TSS in the morning? I have some meetings sprinkled throughout the day, but could get there to TSS by 4pm or so. And yeah, that's my PlugShare entry, but I don't actually have a HPWC...just a 40A 14-50 and a Tesla UMC, but that wasn't an option in the PlugShare profile.

@Howardb33 I wil try and take some pics. You are welcome to come and view the work. I work a lot of nights too, on this and next weekend actually so I understand. I probably will be in and out during the day there. owner has graciously offered me his car so I may take the time to do some things around the area while there, any good public golf courses you would recommend nearby? I don't know anything about Cquartz finest. Sorry. I just wanted an easy way to keep this car looking good as I just don't have much more time in life to spend the time waxing and detailing. Jaisons price for just a clean up and opticoat is like $325. If you compare that to some of the quotes I've seen on here for the guys out west that is a steal. To me it's all about the longevity of the product. Opticoat seems to last the longest from what I've read. But I don't think it gives as much of the initial "wet, glossy shine" of the 22PLE. I thought @cfOH car looks pretty sharp above though!

@cfOH. I am going to try to be there as close to 9am as possible. That's when Jaison wants me there. But I'm coming from Charleston, WV which is 200 mi away. Longest trip since coming back on delivery day in the car. Love the finished look on your car, I had originally booked the gray then changed to white. Did Jaison do any paint correction on your car prior to applying? Or just a wash?