New Firmware V 4.3

Just installed V4.3 with two new features:

- you can now set the time to start charging (Yea!)
- climate control adjusted to be a bit warmer on all settings

Thanks, Tesla!

wow, thanks for the update!

The charging timer lets you specify a starting time and it runs until the car is charged. I posted something like this over at TMC:

I guess this is an OK initial attempt for a charging timer. In my case, I would like to set multiple date and time ranges to make use of seasonal TOU rates. For now, I'll have to reprogram the timer every season and set the start charge time for one of the daily off-peak times and hope that the charging finishes before on-peak starts.

I've been on the same TOU plan for 20 years. There are 2 seasons: there is one summer off-peak period and two winter off-peak periods. Weekends and some holidays are also off-peak. An interface that lets you specify date ranges and charging time ranges would be nice. I know it would get more complicated with multiple locations, but hey, it's only software.

just called Tesla, they claim its not out...are you part of the beta program?

we are all part of the BETA program!!

So if I am traveling (without my S) I can be sure charging happens during the lowest rates which for us is between 6pm and noon and all weekend.
Thank You!

Ha! but seriously, apparently there is a subset of owners who signed up to get releases early as part of a beta program...i don't think its a wide release yet. I was told by a rep on OE if the release was public, something would popup on the 17" display indicating a firmware update is available...

I'm not aware of being on the beta program, but would join if offered! I've noticed that sometimes I get a new version earlier than most and sometimes later. I suspect they deliberately roll it out iniitally slowly so that if there's a bug they can fix it before it goes to the masses.

Scott (VIN S13)

thanks for the clarification Scott..I hope to see it soon!

I think the beta program was for the app, not for car software updates.

With any luck the iPhone app will be updated soon to reflect the new scheduling feature as well. That will be awesome.

Any feedback from those running 4.3 about vampires?

v4.3 loaded in our S today. It also contains improved range projections in cold climates. Sleep mode is not fixed so there should be no improvement in vampire energy draw.

I want to be able to schedule the finish charging time! this is great for having a nice warm battery when I leave for work on a cold day!

Is this automatic? do i have to do something to get the update?

alex and noel: Seriously? Wa wa wa

cfriedberg: It is automatic. TM says they roll it out slowly over a period of weeks (I think 4.1 took over a month), because, like all new software, unanticipated isues and bugs can emerge no matter how much testing is done, and they want to catch things before the full rollout. There is also a bandwidth limitation because it it isn't just "sent out" - it is an interactive process between the car and TM, where TM's systems anayze car status, and the download process etc., so they cannot do all cars at once. Wireless phone carriers also roll out new software o/s updates on a similar long schedule for that reason.

You will receive onscreen notice after the update download is complete, oferring to install it at the next 2:00 AM, or immediately. You can make a choice and it will go through a long process of turning stuff on/off, flashing lights, rebooting, etc. I have not seen it happen on my car, but am told it can take an 20 minutes to an hour. MIne happened at 2:00 AM and was ready to go, with an onscreen success anouncement the next morning, with the customary release notes.

@Pungoteague_Dave | MARCH 13, 2013: alex and noel: Seriously? Wa wa wa

Yes, Seriously! Just because they put a ribbon on a turd and called it a truffle, doesn't mean we have to eat it (old Greek saying - looses something in the translation).

From the release notes:

Scheduled Charging allows owners to take advantage of time-of-use rates by delaying charging to a time when electricity rates are more economical

All I'm saying is that electrical rates are not always economical the exact time every day and I wish there were a way to specify what those times are.

@AlexK - the UI gets confusing if you want to be able to handle it in the car. For my app, I am using Google Calendar -- you can create whatever calendar entries you like saying when it is acceptable for the car to charge and what you want to charge to (ie, you can say charge to at least 50% no matter what time it is, then charge to full standard during these times, etc). That hides the complexity of how to do repeating events on particular days etc, but that is complicated to implement in the car's UI.

@jat@jaet.org | MARCH 13, 2013: For my app, I am using Google Calendar

That sounds like a great idea! I guess you could also look at the current car location and make it location based. In my case, the 3G reception is spotty in my garage. The last update that it downloaded, I had parked at a restaurant. Hopefully the Tesla WiFi support will be forthcoming and useable with the REST API. If not, I'll have to install a cellular rebroadcaster.

Yeah, I upgraded my wifi in the house to make sure I had good wifi signal in the garage for the tesla.

I think a simple car interface for time of day charging and then if people want more, you can use a web based program...

The scheduled charge is going to be a good addition. I did notice one thing with the TM Supercharger. The green light bar is always on, so it appears that even though the timer will restrict the charge the charger itself is still drawing power all day long. Not sure how much, but at least enough to keep the light on. Does the Supercharger need a timer?


Do you mean the HPWC?

@shop. How does upgraded wifi help? Car is 3G, wifi hardware is t activated yet is it?

@rtesta - any EVSE draws negligible current. I leave the LEAF J1772 EVSE and the Tesla Mobile Connector plugged in (I don't have the HPWC yet), and I can't measure the draw of either of them on the TED5000 monitoring my garage, and there really isn't anything else of note on there. I can see other 100mA loads, so the combined current has to be less than that.

@P..._Dave - its just software..and the requirement is not even that complex...chill...

@cfriedberg - I upgraded the wifi in anticipation of wifi functionality since I too have spotty 3G in my garage. You're right, the car can't use it yet.

I got my install today. I'm a sig, maybe they rollout by delivery or vin order. And all I was doing before was setting an alarm to start charging so this is great for me. Saves me from forgetting. If you want to moderate the amps over time, or shut it off, you are still in manual mode. And the app does not yet seem to know much about it. It says starting to charge, Stop charge button, so its different, but not settable from the app.

Alex, a cellular rebroadcaster (Verizon calls it the Wireless Network Extender) is well worth the money and effort.

Both of our homes are in marginal zones for Verizon and AT&T. Calls were constantly being dropped, and we had to go to a certain spot in the house for best reception, or sometimes any reception at all.

We use Verizon Wireless for all of our smartphones, so I tried the Verizon exetender, which they sell for $250. We have Verizon FIOS internet service at one house and Verizon DSL internet service at the other. The extenders work equally well at both houses, so internet speed in't critical, as our DSL service is a lot slower than the FIOS service.

The extender is literally a miniature cell phone tower inside the house, and we find that it provides maximum bars anywhere in the building.


Any idea whether the rain sensing wipers work better under 4.3? They're not great in 4.2.

from one of my previous EV cars had the following features for time of use charging - and I now consider them the minimum standard:

a) chargers visited were saved by GPS co-ordinates
b) scheduling was based on charger being used, not a global setting
c) you simply entered your rate plan from your electric bill and the car did the rest
d) you set a "time" to be finished by so that the car was always charged by #:## regardless of time of use charging - but the car would maximize the amount of time on the lowest rate

if Tesla does any less than these four criteria I will look forward to future updates so that they can match the feature set of other "lesser" EV cars.

screen shots from the other forums confirms location based charging…so tesla has covered 1 of the 3 minimum requirements for a full scheduled charging system (since a & b above are basically the same thing).