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What car will you trade in?

In my case: Jaguar XF

(If you see the model just mention : total for that model)

2004 Saturn Ion coupe. BIG step up. :D

vouteb, if you like you can get a head start on your count by evaluating this thread:
("private", i.e., reservation holders and owners only)

Will put the 98 Ford Explorer in the barn and use it for hauling and snow days this winter. Will probably sell this summer.

'67 Mustang & 2000 Maxima.

Jaguar XF /4 year /42000km

1996 Mercedes E320

Replacing two great cars: '02 911 and an '03 Prius...

2006 BMW M5....going to miss the growl of the v10 but looking forward to the experience

2008 Camry Hybrid. Highly recommend getting a quote from CarMax before you accept the appraisal from the Tesla contractor.

2010 Acura TL

2006 volvo XC90 V8 106K

Already sold my 2009 Highlander Hybrid, 23,000 miles on it, a few weeks ago to get some cash for my S. AutoNation gave me 27k for it.

2010 Prius with about 50,000 miles.

Sold my 85 Mustang SVO to make room. Hard to give up such a classic that was loads of fun to drive hard. Still have three cars left and I think they will stay for their special purposes, hauling stuff and horses.

2000 MBZ E320 wagon, going to love the Model S!


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2009 Camry hybrid and thanks stevenmaifert I will check out carmax.

2005 Porsche Boxster S.

For those of you considering using Tesla's partner AutoNation, you should definitely check out other competing 'trade-in' services such as CarMax or AutoTrader. AutoNation offered me $10k for my Boxster, which was pretty much a joke. I ended up getting a check for $25k from AutoTrader.

2011 Audi TT S-line. She's been good to me, but lacks a lot in the features department.

I had a GREAT experience disposing my car with CARMAX. This was my first experience with CARMAX and it is very impressive, on par with my TESLA experience.

I walked in and told them I wanted to sell my car. About 30 minutes later, I had a firm offer to buy that was good for seven days. While I waited, the rep gave me a tour of the facility and how they run every car through their refurb production line.

Here are the numbers. I sold them my 2008 Lexus LS 460 with low mileage. I "paid" $66k for it but it was a 3 year least. At the end of the lease, we bought the car for the residual value of $32k. We then drove the car for another year before taking it to CARMAX last weekend. The KBB trade in value for my mileage and equipment was $36k in excellent condition.

The offer? An unbelievable $39k. I didn't wait for them to change their mind (they wouldn't anyway), and had them write me a check same day.

Selling a car to CARMAX was so much better than screwing around trying to sell my car to the public and I seriously doubt I would have done as well. I read on the forum that AutoNation is low balling people so I suggest you go to CARMAX first and then see what you can get elsewhere during the seven day offer period.

Sounds great. Too bad they don't have any stores in the Northwest.

2003 BMW 745Li with 80k miles

Not trade in, will probably sell. (or keep for hobby use)

2011 Nissan GT-R.

I feel the same way about my Mustang GT.

Audi A2, but will keep and might convert it one day, as it has an aluminum body

Goodbye Chrysler 300C SRT

2006 Highlander Hybrid AWD (hope to sell locally)

I had planned on trading in my acura MDX 2010, but after yesterday's IIHA report of camry 2012, I may have to trade that in.