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My intention with this thread to is offer confirmed (evidence based) information on existing and new supercharger locations in the Northeast AS WELL AS TO offer encouragement to Tesla to remedy the dearth of SuperChargers in the region. This is a huge and relatively compact market for Tesla: the population of the Northeast is 56 million, 18% of the total USA. Yet, the population centers of Boston, Hartford, and Philadelphia are inadequately connected -- and links to Montreal and Toronto are completely missing.

Just 4 new superchargers will do this:

Sturbridge, MA (should be a no-brainer)
Edison, NJ (which is underway)
Albany, NY (who knows what is going on there)
Canandaigua, NY (midway between Albany and Toronto) (This would also serve Buffalo and Rochester)

High payoff for 4 new SuperChargers (one of which is underway, so really 3). How 'bout it, Tesla?

UPDATE: 07/17/2014: if you add the population of Quebec and Ontario, this area is home to 77 million people. But much of the area remains WAY under served. Grateful for Tesla Motors recent post that the Quebec to Toronto corrodor is scheduled for Superchargers but this needs to be connected to the 95 corridor. When complete, a potential market of 77 million people will have access.

Add my vote for all four, especially Sturbridge. BTW, the Supercharger map on the TM website shows two of the NJ dots moving slightly to the West when the slider is moved to the "Coming Soon" position. What's up with that?

Also add Portland and Bangor ME.

I would think that the first three above are really essential to fixing the missing links between the big cities in the region.

A second tier of superchargers would make the whole region accessible:

A) 3 in the North Country stringing across Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine (like White River Junction, VT, Tilton, NH, and Falmouth, ME would be great examples).


B) 4 in Pennsylvania: 3 along I-80, west, central and east, and 1 on the PA Turnpike near Bensalem.

The region would be covered. 56 million people within reach of a SuperCharger. Hope it doesn't get crowded.

Theoretically, the concentration of SCs should be denser here in the Northeast, due to all the hills. Yes I know there is regen on the downslope, but traveling to VT/NH/upstate NY, etc., there is a serious elevation change heading up that way.

It would be interesting to learn how Tesla determines where to put the SCs. Do they send out a scouting team/car to do some recon. to see what real world usage would be?

I would think population/potential market would be the key. Not really that complicated.

With these 4 plus a few in PA tier, you would have coverage from Pittsburgh to Boston, Toronto/Montreal to Philadelphia.

True. My line of thought was that car (ICE) "X' gets "x" mpg in say Texas, but that same car would get "v" mpg here in the Northeast. So the same would apply to MSes. So the distance the SCs can be in TX won't work here in the Northeast.

Interesting argument for bunching them closer together up here. Though Texas does have hills, in the hinterlands.

We also need something between Philadelphia and Somerset, PA, the current PA Supercharger at Exit 110 on the Turnpike. An overland route from the Newark, DE SC to Somerset is 229 miles by Google maps, Going all the way south to Baltimore, then picking up I-70, is 240 miles. There are some hills along the way - that's really stretching range. Something around Harrisburg, near the I-81 and I-76 junction? Please?

Pennsylvania really needs 7 Superchargers. So far, it only has 1, in Somerset. I think there is one being built in Cranberry, north of Pittsburgh. But this is a big state.

Along the PA Turnpike, you need one near Harrisburg and one in the east by Bensalem.

I've already mentioned 3 along I-80.

The Albany, NY (87 Thruway/Northway) issue is all about the requirements of rest areas to be bid.

The Charge/NY initiative has free chargers at many different locations. No level 3 (DC). The best solution would be to allow a bid for DC charging that includes all Level 3 options. The CT thruway rest stops appear to have all EVs covered. The Merritt, Greenwich CT only has SC.

Otherwise Tesla will have to have the off Thruway solutions -- but still close to the road. The new pre packed SC seems to be made for those installations.

Tesla has already presented their site plan for six chargers for the Colonie Center Mall in Albany, NY. They presented the plan to the Albany County planning board who referred to the local planning board.

The Supercharger map shows another supercharger planned for Syracuse, NY as well as Buffalo. Syracuse, in my opinion, is a better location than Canandaigua, NY because it is at the intersection of two interstates, I-90 and I-81, and there is a major mall near this intersection. Syracuse is also in the middle of planned Albany and Buffalo, NY superchargers.

Albany NY

I visited Colonie Center in Upstate NY. And knowing the lay of the land with the I-87 (referred to as the Northway) and the I-90 crosspoints, I can't think of a better place. Great eating and shopping within walking distance. (It's at the South end of a mall that has been repurposed to be the "downtown shopping" for the Albany area.... We goofed big time on a project called the Empire State Plaza. But that's one for another day.

Anyhow. The site. It's nice. Plenty of things are close by including a Sears Service Center that carries tires, portable DC chargers, "Fix a Flat" and the like. They're also a full service dealer... But I wouldn't want my Model S within 500 ft. (When striking up conversation, the guys were unaware of what a Tesla was let alone the Model S. I had to first inform them it was a car company. I'll spare you the pain of my description of how an all electric system works..). There's also Wholefoods 400' away. An entire modern Mall connected to that. A SBUX across the street.... The list goes on..

By the facts:

i saw a standard shipping container 53', much too far from the (under construction) Wholefoods to be of any consolation for that project. Along side the container a big rig trailer sat as well. It looks as if the site is staged for Supercharger Construction. The trailers are parked sideways across 53' of parking spaces as to be reserving the spot. And the storage container is marked by the name of an Electrical outfit. All very promising. The best part? It's 2mi from my office. Woot woot!

i will call the Town of Colonie and see if I can turn up more info or confirmation (I'm going on word of mouth). Having been raised in the construction industry, it's safe to say all systems will be go after the ground thaws. I have a few token photos of the container. I'll see if I can get them up later. Best! -Z

@kenj there is only one rest stop with anything other than picnic tables in that are (I've lived here 30yrs). Also the single rest stop in question is not near the I-87 so it wouldn't be the best. Colonie Center is all I keep hearing.

Would certainly love to see Sturbridge, Southern New Hampshire and Maine get some Superchargers.

wizexo +1
I too would like to go skiing for a day.

++hbh24/ztayl That is awesome news.

I was just at the Desmond last week for a conference -- stayed at Homewood Suites (because they had charging -- free!).

I'm surprised there are no chargers along the Mass Pike (I-90). There are very nice rest stops at Charleton and Natick. I asked the Watertown SC about this and they felt the winter weather was a factor in the notable absence of chargers in the Bay State. Doesn't sound right...

Odellj, you are correct, it's doesn't sound right and that's because it isn't. Here in CT we now have 3 locations with SCs. That was talk about one going in at the Auburn Mall, exit 10 I believe. It's an relatively easy on and off for both directions of travel on the pike.

Some good sites are: Binghampton, Syracuse, Buffalo and maybe Williamsport, PA to allow NY to western points.

@georgiagrind: There's a state highway route from the Somerset SC to the Newark DE SC that's only 218 miles and doesn't take any longer than the faster, but longer highway routes.

Taking the Baltimore route, you can stop at the Hagerstown MD SC and keep your legs to 135 and 107 miles. No problem, even with hills. has a good map of the supercharger rollout.

In Buffalo, make sure they install one charger at the Anchor Bar, home of the original Buffalo Wing. Great spot to spend an hour. It is also about two blocks from where I was born.

With two retail stores in Toronto alone, Telsa needs to connect this large market through Detroit to Chicago. As nice as it is, we have to be able to leave the city sometime.

In the interests of providing encouragement, I think Portland, ME and either Concord, NH or White River Jct, VT are most essential to allowing free travel throughout New England. For me (in MA), it's not just skiing but also visiting family/friends and plenty of spring/summer/fall activities too. Luckily, these are still on the 2014 map (previously winter 2013), but I hope we see them sooner rather than later.

You are missing Sturbridge MA. Can't make it to Portland ME from another supercharger without it, and even Concord NH is a stretch.

Of course, if MA is the center of the universe, then no need for superchargers there. :)

Having an SC at the sloatsburg rest stop at the beginning of the Thruway would be great as well. This way going into and out of city you can get a quick pick me up.

@tes-s: Sturbridge is covered up top. It's essential for NYC-Hartford-Boston-New Hampshire/Maine. An alternate would be Springfield, MA which would be great for NYC-Hartford-North Country (Vermont/New Hampshire).

@JstACarGuy: Sloatsburg would assist Philadelphia-NJ-Upstate NY-Vermont journeys.

There are a lot of missing pieces in the Northeast. It's strange that there has not been more roll-outs here which would have a great impact on visibility and useability.

Not sure Springfield is a good alternative to Sturbridge. It would be a detour for anyone heading from CT/NY/NJ/PA and other points south up to Botson/NH/ME.

They need both the Sturbridge/Auburn SC and one in the Springfield area. Springfield would take care of those heading up 91 into the "north country". Sturbridge/Auburn would take care of those heading to Boston on the MA Pike. The worst part about Colonie mall is the parking. Anytime remotely close to any holiday parking there is nearly impossible. You put superchargers there and people will start parking there with their SUVs just to go do their shopping.

Crossgates mall has a little less of a parking issue but the traffic around Crossgates has a lot to be desired.

Either mall geographically would work and are the obvious places to put a super charger if you aren't going to have it at a highway rest stop.

Anyone drive by the Cranberry, PA supercharger location recently and can report if it appears to be near completion? I plan to take a trip to DC in about a month in my 60Kwh model S. I am sure it will be done by then, but just curious on the progress.

Still can't take the MS skiing from Boston. Hooksett would be a nice spot because folks could charge up there before they head north on 93, 89 or 91.

A little off topic, but it would be incredible if the ski resorts started installing charging stations in their lots. Plug -in in the morning, go skiing for the day and come back to a fully charged vehicle....