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Photos of Grey leather with matte Obeche

Since there have been precious few photos of Grey leather or matte Obeche (and none that I have seen of both of them), I just took a few photos of the interior of my car (delivered two days ago on 12/30) and posted them over at the Tesla Motor Club site:

I think the combination looks fantastic, I'm really happy with the way it turned out!

Nice to see. I finalized that combination a couple weeks ago.

@TheAustin - thank you for posting these, as it makes me comfortable with my choice also.

The lighting on the dash in one image makes it look very light in color, and I thought this might be misleading so I Photoshopped it to be more realistic (hope you're ok with this).

href="" title="Austin Model S by Getting Amped Soon, on Flickr">Austin Model S

Beautiful car! Congrats.

Just as an fyi for people finalizing, the grey interior with obeche wood gloss looks really good as well in the Model S I picked up on Saturday.

It seems that grey leather comes with either white or tan piping. I'm not sure if it depends on the color of the paint. I have a pearl coming and the paper work says it has white piping. (Personally, I really like the white.)

To me, the piping in my car looks cream, and seems to match the color of the fabric on the ceiling liner perfectly. I love it, I think it looks great.

Getting Amped Soon: I compared my photos on the camera to the wood in the car as I took the photos...What I photographed and posted was very accurate to what I was looking at...Now, you can see that there is sunlight coming in, and when the sun hits the wood, it does lighten it and give it a sheen (yes, even the matte wood has a sheen to it when light hits it)...So, while it may look light, it is still accurate to what you will see when the sun hits it. And I think that you see the range of tones in the wood from all of the photos that I posted
FYI, when you look over from the driver's seat to the wood in front of the passenger, there is a sheen/glare over that part of the wood that makes it very difficult to see any of the linear detail/character in the wood.

TheAustin -I was talking about the top is the dash, not the wood :)

Top of the dash....

The leather or leatherette stuff that's dark grey.

Ahh yes, that stuff...And speaking of which, that is quite flimsy, isn't it? Especially that part right above the speedometer cluster...If you grad the part just above there and wiggle it, it feels very cheep and not at all solid.

^My wife would say "then don't do that". (grab and wiggle it - look but don't touch.)

HAha...Will yes, I plan on not doing it again ;) I was just commenting that from a "fit and finish" point of view, I would consider that to be sub-par manufacturing.