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Do your dogs ride in your Tesla?

I know and saw at least two Tesla owners who let their dogs ride in their new model S. I have not let mine in the car yet but probably will soon. Just wondering what you are doing to keep the car as nice and hair free when you do let your dogs in? or you will not let fido in your new car?

@portia: I don't have mine yet (Feb/Mar) but I will definitely let my dog ride along. Luckily for us she is a small dachshund short hair so she is low maintenance.

If anyone runs across a seat cover for the rear seats that works well in the S, please let us know! My 6 month old husky is banned from the S until we get some protection for the seats :)

I'm still coming to grips with letting my twins ride in my Model S!! :D

My wife would eagerly include our Yorkie on the title if she could (he even has his own gold card)so he is guaranteed frequent rides, now to search for a booster seat!

My wife and I have decided to let the dog ride, but we are frantically looking for a good seat cover. We get our S next week, and thought in the interim to at least fold down the rear seat, but I haven't look at an S in that configuration to really know if that is a viable option. We have a 35 pound Wheaton Terrorist dog, and my wife's current car constantly has nose prints on the windows. :(

@davidb we have 2 huskies!
the ones I have seen in Teslas are smaller.
well seat cover that work would have to be a tight fit so the dog can not go under it! I have one we use in rental cars but it won't work in the S.
folding the backseats down is an option, but they will have too much room to rattle around, and may still be able to scratch the back door.
or maybe some blocker to confine them to the carpeted hatchback area.

@velo1 those are called nose art, look for abstract shapes! mine once did a happy face, that's when we realized they were trying to draw ;)

@byt. I symphathize...

Our 180+ lb newfie got this for christmas.

He loves it.

I have a westie and use a booster seat for him in my car. This allows him to see out the window while keeping my seat clean. The seat is held into place by the seatbelt then I can buckle him into the seat for safety. A good website for these and blankets for seats is

I have an 85 lb English Golden who insists on riding in the front seat when alone with me in the car.

My car should arrive in about a week and she will most definitely be allowed to ride in it.

No Way!!!

My Golden Retriever who sheds like a wooley mammoth gets car sick!!!

He is relegated to the back of my wife's Ford Flex which has a Hatchbag installed.

I have a schnauzer, he doesn't shed which helps. we took him to dog beach the other day and made him lay on a towel on the way home.

Of course, I can't forget the nose art.

Biggest issue I see is with the suede/microfiber side blosters. Those can get dirty pretty quickly if you are not careful, the leather is easily cleaned.

We have a small (17 lb.) Havanese, who doesn't shed, but is so close to the ground that he gets pretty dirty. We use a sling/hammock contraption (like the one shown in bshortell's post). It works pretty well. You need to train him to stay in back.

@ bshortell

Thanks for the link!

OUr 3 mini schnauzers most likely will own our car. Get ours in 2 weeks or so and I ma sure they'll happily ride along. Noseprints are a "given". Now our messy friends are a different story....but that's for another thread.

Dogs ride in Suburban or old Infiniti. Not touching the Napa leather....


DouglasR, I also have a 17 pound Havenese. I put a towel on the passenger seat and he rides shotgun.

Dogs aren't that much for sightseeing; fully half their brains are dedicated to smell -- the world as chemistry! Hence the head-out-the-window routine; it's a high-velocity news report on what's been happening. Lights up their brains like a Christmas tree on steroids.

I have two standard poodles 70 and 85 lbs. They have been in my model s. I put the back seat down and layed out a blanket. One of them did bump his head on the rear glass after he first got in. Be sure to cover the rear door opening threshold as my son did not when he let them out and they scratched the bottom plastic piece. Not sure why that is made out of plastic though, seems to me it would get scratched even when passengers in the rear seat get out.

I (I mean my wife) have 2 Cairn Terriers. That breed doesn't shed but they will still NEVER see the inside of my Model S. That's what her car is for.

I have 2 Choc Labs, 13.5 yrs old, 68 and 75 lbs. It was a few weeks (car honeymoon) before I let them in the car. They shed enough fur to make a 3rd dog! I put down the back seats covered with packing blanket and the old seat cover I used in my other car. They are too old now to move around much so they stayed put. Fur did get in the carpet in the hatch area tho. Seemed to vacuum up pretty well. No way they are touching the leather seats tho. The male prefers to ride in my husband's Chevy Silverado 3500... boys. I don't think my babies will be with us much longer. For as much as I love my car... I love them more.

I have a Whoodle (Poodle mixed with Wheaton Terrier) who does NOT shed who rides in my Sig Model S daily. She's trained as a therapy dog and goes to work with me. She does leave dirty paw prints in back seat so we're looking for a seat cover but I'd prefer one just for the seat if anyone finds one let me know.

Fergus our black and tan English Cocker rides in his crate in the back of the MS. In our last car,a station wagon, I held the crate in place with a bungie around the backseat headrest. The MS could use tie down loops or something in the trunk for the dog crate and other loads.

Our Bernese Mountain Dog rides in the trunk after we put down the Lloyd's Rubertite mats.

So after 4 months of ownership - and initially saying that our 2 dogs would never ride in the MS, all that has changed. Since it's now very apparent that the car is the only one I will drive going forward (zero need for the old ICE), used a Friday trip to a nearby park to see how they'd handle the ride. Didn't take long for them to settle in that the back hatch area was theirs and made the trip well. Now one of them is a lab, so of course the creek at the park is a must-attend attraction for her, which resulted in a wet and dirty dog when we got back to the car. Were prepared with towels and did our best to knock down the most of it. Stopped at a nearby brewpub on the way home - and liked the phone app to keep the AC on and monitor the internal temp. The end result, other than a fair bit of yellow lab hair on the two trunk sidewalls that vacuumed off ok with a bit of work - car fared very well. Learned a few things for the next trip so have now broken it in.

To close off the indoctrination, made the first Home Depot trip as well - an easy one with only 10ft PVC pipes that fit easily from the trunk back to the front dash. Am convinced more than ever that this is the only car I need.

"Dog-Friendly Car" would be a killer ad campaign. No other maker would dare match it.

Although I am still waiting for my car ( European #665 ), I already bought a backmat from roseanne. I saw a picture of her backmat on and was hooked to the idea immediately. We own a Bernese Mountain Dog and the only way to have her ride in the trunk of my future Model S would be by installing such a mat. Take a look - you'll love it too ;-)

Thanks haansberger that is exactly what is needed. Was talking with my wife last night how we could essentially cover the 3 sides of the trunk area up to the top so that we can avoid the bulk of the hair removal process. We did have a large towel over the back area of the back seat - but nothing for the two side wall areas. That backmat looks perfect. Will give Roseanne a ping. Gotta love the forum.

We have a 100 lb Black Russian Terrier. My getting the car was contingent on the dog being allowed in the car. She goes everywhere with us

We found a very elegant solution in the form of one of the hammocks from Amazon. It forms a well that the dog fits in nicely. The hammock comes with caps that slip over the front seat headrests. I used a small rope that I threaded through the eyelets in the back. This hooks over the three headrests in the back seat.

Then with her normal sleeping pad on the seat she is very comfortable riding in the car.


Our Vizsla rides in the back of our S. She's got a nice little bed back there to relax in. She even snuck a 'Got Birds?' sticker on the rear window to let every other dog out there know who's car it really is!