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Delivery date weirdness...

So I finalized at long last and this is just delivery date on my preliminary MVPA is "Early 2013." I haven't seen any posts where someone got anything other than a specific 2 month window. Has anyone seen this delivery "date?" Is it because I have standard suspension? 60kwh?

Yes, both 60kWh and the standard suspension aren't started yet, and they probably don't know the exact date they will start building them.

jat. My delivery ETA for a 60kWh w/ active air suspension is 1/19-2/2/13. I think they are manufacturing 60s now. Or I should say, I hope the bots are working on my car.

Standard suspensions won't start till Mar., and their number is probably still in flux.

FYI I have P4168
60Kw 21's PWhite B leather Sound active suspension
was advised on Jan 2 that my window is 20Jan~3 Feb.

As of today 9 Jan they have not provided a VIN (not started making the car)
and I am getting the rope-a-dope from the CS folks. I have
a window as well for locking in my lender rate and we are
rapidly approaching the cliff.

You really should add the suspension, From what I see you will need it unless you are a total flat lander, no hills, curbs, snow
or country roads. Bob can do. I need as long a delay as possible!

(And no snow, reasonable driveway, and no steep hills!)

@petero and @bbryant, when did you guys submit your MVPA? We submitted ours a few days after Christmas with a tentative time frame of late Feb/early Mar.

~ Prash.