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Tony Goodman
Dallas, Texas

Any others in Dallas?

Hamilton, Texas

According to Google Maps, my home is 123 miles from Dallas, 129 miles from Austin, 167 miles from San Antonio, and 68 miles from Waco.  And that's how I like it -- no suburban sprawl out here.

I am from Fort worth and am # 38 on the list. John

John in Fort Worth. I have my car and have really enjoyed it. If you Dallas guys want to come see it, reply to this post

Just ordered the S - Plano TX

I live in Frisco and am #P188 on the Model S list.

If any of the Dallas owners want to help try and sell someone on the Roadster, I think this guy in Arlington wouldn't mind at least seeing one in person. I don't know if the Dallas owners get together from time to time.

scotty2541 posted in the Roadster section under the thread "DAILY USE - FEEDBACK REQUESTED"

Just reserved my S! Denton ,TX #4559

I'm in Lewisville and am #3614 on the list.

I'm in Shreveport, LA (169 mi from Dallas), and I just reserved my Model S (#5058) WOOT!

In Plano area Model S Number 2358. Thinking about upgrading the reservation. Has anyone with lower numbers been contacted for option selection?

No one knows what the options are at this point. We're hoping to find out at the October 1st event but we'll see.

Just got back from the October 1st event! They announced several of the options and opened the design studio. Prices and full design studio coming "this winter"

Do you DFW peeps ever get together? Might be a fun idea...

We attended the Oct 1st Event, wow! Been following Tesla for over a year... Attended stock holders meeting this year. In Chicago I was able to sit in the prototype. Tesla rocks! In Fort Worth Model S #S-113

I am on the list...Mckinney, TX area. Model S

Cedar Hill, TX

S#351 - Coming in September! SO EXCITED!

Finally test drives are coming to Dallas. George Blankenship announced the have finally heard the reservation holders from Texas and have scheduled Get Amped events in Dallas and two other cities. The Dallas test drives are August 18-19.

Correct. Testing in Austin on Aug 15-16. Very exciting.

Has anyone heard when they are going to open a service center in Dallas? In the meantime, who will be providing our service?

It would be nice to know where they are on the reservation list. Does anyone know where I can look to see what numbers have been delivered?

Unfortunately, we can only extrapolate when someone comes forward to say they've taken delivery, unless Tesla otherwise makes a public statement.

I got my paperwork and signed it today. sequence number 2358

They are saying delivery in December or January

has anyone in Dallas gotten an email to go to the test drive? if so, what reservation number were you? I'm 7424 and sad-faced that I haven't seen anything about it yet.

I was out of country during the Dallas event. I sent my wife as the driver instead. She says it was very nice.

It was pretty awesome! I'd been on the fence about deferring, since I can't get the Sunset Red right now, but I did like the blue S that I test drove Saturday. Hitting the accelerator, and getting to (* some REALLY impressive speed *) within the distance of the highway entrance ramp, as well as the flatness with which it cornered, sealed the deal for me! #P5058

@mklcolvin, congrats! When you get a chance, please add yourself to the Model S Reservation map:

Currently there are more listed in Dallas than there are in Houston!


Actually I live in Shreveport, and I'm on the map already. I think that there are two of us in Louisiana - myself in the north, and one other person near Baton Rouge. The Dallas group is the nearest to me, so here I am.


What happened to the Red paint that used to be available on the S?

I got an email saying I could finalize my order but the red was no longer on the list.