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Anyone with a 60 sorry they didn't get an 80?

I'm thinking about getting a model S. I will most likely use it only 150 miles in any given week. However, that is most likely all in one day. I live in center city Philadelphia. So, I only need a car to leave town. A couple of time a year I will go to New York City, Washington, DC or the Jersey shore. Would the 60 be the best for me? If I get a 60 can't it be up graded to an 85? I would appreciate any helpful feed back. and search on 60 vs 80

This might be one of the most-discussed topics in the past few months.

That's like doesn't help much.

Ask amitb00!

He doesn't drive much. He doesn't need 85 kWh, but he shared your same concern before he ordered his.

He first asked "60 kWh vs 85 kWh."

Most said 85 kWh, some say larger, don't just settle for 85! (but not available yet.)

Then he asked 85 kWh owners for regrets.

The only regret was Tesla didn't offer bigger one!

Then he asked 60 kWh owners for regrets!

Many 60 kWh says you could do fine if you know how to manage it.

However, there are also many who said they should have gotten 60 kWh.

If you have no choice, then you just have to get by with what you could get.

But if you can afford it, RANGE is the most important thing.

Plan for winter! All those extra range is additional assurance in snow and ice even you don't think you need it now, in summer!

Once you experience Tesla, going back to your gasoline is a torture even just for once or twice a year.

If you're not price-sensitive, it's nice to have more range to deal with unforeseen need, or long road trips.

If you want max value, the least battery that gets the job done is clearly the better deal.

All the benefits like: unparalleled crash safety, awesome acceleration, gas-free fill at home convenience, major fun-to-drive factor ... All of those benefits come with the entry level car.

Another interesting dimension: while battery supply is constrained, Tesla can build abut three 60's for every two 85's.

So theoretically, Tesla could put 33% more people into EVs if most chose 60's.

But the 85 is simply very cool.

Thank you carlk, Tam, Mark k and Thomas N. Tam you summed it up very neatly. I forgot about winter. I do very little driving in winter but it is a concern.

My thinking is get a 60 now and up grade to an 85 when batters are cheaper. I'm thinking they will be after Tesla starts making it's own batteries. What do you guys think?

I struggled with this question for a while. I did not think I need 85 since 95% of my commute is within 70 miles from home. So 140 miles round trip. Then I mapped out a few summer round trips that we usually take and figured out that I would be pushing S60 to the limit on some of them. Eg. First SC at least 166 miles from home in 90 degree weather going 70 with AC on would not leave me much room. My wife would never forgive me being stuck on the road because of dead battery or spending an two or more hours extra to charge at non SC station so for pease of mind I went with S85.

Thanks amatiych.


Waiting is a good strategy but that depends on your tolerance.

I might be croaked by then!

Remember Model X was going to be on sale on 2014?

Then, it's 2015.

Then, production will be in 2016, and so on....

The battery will be cheaper when the Gigafatory will start to produce in mass in 2017 when Gen 3 will be on sale!

Ok! That sounds easy. So can you guarantee the crystal ball?

If you can't afford it, then wait. But if you can rearrange your budget then there's no point in gambling with your future!

Get the 85 and you'jj get unlimited supercharger access and total peace-of mind. Get the 19 inch rims for lowest tire wear and just put an electric dryer 240 volt outlet in your garage. Plug your Tesla in when you come home in the evening. Set. It to charge starting after 11pm and you'll get to pay significantly less for the necessary electricity to cover 100 miles of distance than you'd have to pay for 1 gallon of gasoline.

Very good sense. Thank you.

Thank you for your advice.

You may be asking the wrong question - perhaps ask "anyone with an 85 sorry they didn't get a 60?"

150 miles will be no problem with an 85 in any conditions, and leave plenty of buffer for unexpected side trips without range anxiety. Over the life of the vehicle, your needs may change - 85 at about 10% more is insurance on your purchase.

Not sorry at all. In the year before ordering our Model S we made only two trips that were longer than the rated range of our 60. It reached 7,000 miles last week. We haven't bought gasoline for our ICE in over a year. (We kept it for those 900-1,200 mile trips we may take to visit family.)

@Anthony J

You have several folks that have responded that have 60s.

I have a 60 and I have put on 10k since December. Live in the Northeast - my daily commute is 35 miles.

Haven't had any issues. As you learn the car and how it responds - you'll be fine.

Drove to DC in a snow storm (eventually), SC in Delaware and was ready to head to DC with 135 rated in 20 minutes. Waited to range out @ 208. Drove to DC -- SC in Maryland. 2 days in hotel with no charging -- SC on the way back. Had a zero moment coming back from a Superbowl party in NJ at 7a where the host had a 110. No one knew but me since everyone was sleeping. By the way, now there is a SC at 7a on the turnpike.

Today my rated range was 235kwh - cruising at 60 (hey, the speed limit 55). 60 weighs less so less energy.

For me - very happy with the 60 with supercharging.

No one is sorry they didn't get an 80, because there's no such thing. >;p

"Many 60 kWh [owners] says [say] you could do fine if you know how to manage it.

However, there are also many who said they should have gotten 60 kWh."

Um, they did. >;p

Thank you all this is been very helpful.

I own a 60 in the Philly area and I do very well. I do 80 miles roundtrip each dat to work. I have 90 miles left when I return home, more charge than a Leaf even starts with. However I went to Ocean City MD last week and was expecting to stay overnight which would have given me the charge I needed to get back (we were plugged into a 110 outlet) to the Delaware SuperCharger. So we did not stay and we needed 95 miles and we had only 55 miles of charge. My backup plane was a place where there was a ChargePoint station. I get to that and they could not turn it on remotely, it said on the charger no access without an access card. Thank god I called Tesla (those guys are the best), they found a free charge at the University of Delaware, but we had to stay there for like 3 hours to get 60 more miles to our now 40. It was a long long night, sleeping in the car in dark campus back of a research building.
Remember only 4% of folks got the 40Kw Teslas and everyone who could afford the 85s got an 85. I just did not have the extra 10K. If you can afford the 85, get it. Or don't take a day trip to Ocean city MD with your 60 and no, there are none planned for that area and I love day trips to Ocean city. I wish TM would build a SuperCharger Ocean City.

Thank you. I have two questions if you don't mind. How did your MS 60 do in the snow (with or with out snow tires)? Second, the SC at 7a is that the new Hamilton location?

Yes, that is the Hamilton location. So you are considering a 60 with supercharging? I think that is a $2000 option on the 60, and included with the 85. So the difference in price between a 60 w/SC and and 85 is $8000.

Thank you. I'm trying to keep the monthly payments down. I really want the model s with adaptive cruise control. I know this will come in time. This means most likely I will have to buy another model s later. I don't want to put all the money out now for something I'm not going to keep. If I do decide to keep it I'm hoping I can upgrade the battery to an 85 at a later date. Maybe even when the new batteries come out they might be even cheaper than they are now.

I was so confused on this option. Finalized on 60 but then called and changed to 85. I am so glad to make that change. If you can afford it, it is a no brained. Car becomes much more usable. If you can't afford 85, it is unlikely that u can afford a 60 which costs 8 k less if u include SC option.
There is better warranty and tires on 85., Batteries will degrade over time, you wil like to make longer trips, and what not. Range and faster charging are needed in EV so go far the most you can.
I had asked if any 85 owner regretted buying 60 and there were none. There are numerous 60 owners who regret not getting 85. 85 is the most missed feature.

Do people actually use adaptive cruise control? I had it in my FX35 and used it once to try. I had too much fun driving the car to give up the control to the computer. I feel same way about model S. It seems like such a fun car ( still waiting for mine) that I would not really want any cruise control

I'm not sorry I have a 60 -- it's met my needs, although it was only later that I discovered I wanted to get the Supercharger option so I ended up spending $500 more than if I had gotten it to begin with. I also added the Michelin Primacy tires for $1000, included with the S85. So the difference for me would have been $7000, and the benefit would be what, another 60 miles of range? Not really worth it, at least for how I use the car.

@Anthony J

@ Tes-s spot on with the Hamilton SC, right off 7a on the NJ turnpike.

I do not have dual charging, just SC.

I did get Winter tires after a couple of storms from Tesla (tires only), I noticed a difference. I felt the car slipping with the all-weather tires. I have the Goodyear All Weather. If I had extra time, I would have ordered from Tirerack to save money with the same Pirelli winter tires.

You could also see if there are any marketing cars available, that will save you extra dough too, same warranty on the battery.

I have an MS60. No regrets. I originally wanted the base 85, but my wife wanted the tech package, pano-roof, leather seats, super-charger. So, I settled on the 60 with the stuff my wife wanted. That way I could keep my budget around 80K. I just can't see paying 100K for a car! It was more of a principle issue with me. Being in Houston, we drive it about 2000 miles a month. It is a great around town car!!! We have our ICE for road trips. I say go for the 60 if most of your driving is around town. If you plan on a lot of out of town driving, the extra range of the 85 will relieve some range anxiety.

@rmitchell - 60 sounds good, but if you wanted to upgrade to an 85 at purchast time I think it would have cost you at most $8000 - not $20,000.

I'll throw in my two cents: In my own opinion, if you can afford the 85, consider it seriously because you never know when you'll need the extra 60 miles of range it gives you. The advantage of the 60 is that you may find it more affordable. The advantage of the 85 is that, given today's Supercharger setup, you can worry less about the range.

Or, if you prefer, which set of anxiety are you looking to alleviate most? The range, or the $$$?

I think one aspect to consider is whether this is your only vehicle. If so, I think the 85 is a good idea just to be on the safe side. But if you have multiple cars you can always hop in the gas guzzler if you don't want to have to stop to charge, which makes the 60 more reasonable. I went with a 60 because due to my lifestyle I couldn't justify spending the extra on what is already a pricey car. I even skipped the SC for the time being; that it only requires a software update down the road to enable made that a no-brainer for me to skip now. Also, this is new tech obviously, I liked the idea of starting with a no frills model (no upgrades except tech package), and with the buy-back program I could always turn it in and get a more expensive model if I wanted it in 36 months. This will be the first car I've bought new, and it's a lot of money for *any car*, regardless of affordability aspects. If it weren't for Tesla I would be buying a car that was $20k less expensive, that's just reality. The 85 might "only" be another $8k but you have to draw the line somewhere. As it is I would never have guessed I'd be spending $75k on a car.

@tes-s - You are right about that. But if you get the P85 with all the extras, I think you are looking north of a 100K.