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air conditioning

Anyone tried the aircondition on a hot day (ie above 85deg yet?

It was about 75 here for a while yesterday, and the AC came on strongly. It worked well for me.

Yes, it worked great. Got a little chilly. Had to turn it down. :)

That's cool, man! So to speak (i.e., literally).

Yes, though it was only 90 or so (in June/July I can tell you how it handles 110 ambient :) -- it worked great.

Does any body know how cabin heating is implemented in the MS? couldn't find anything on that.
It is electric - for sure as the isn't so much excess heat as from an ICE. Is it restive or a heat-pump?.
Thanks T

It uses a heat pump, but I expect it also have resistive heating for freezing weather. A heat pump stop working as it gets near freezing.

Both, at need, it seems. Main problem seems to be that the thermostat is inside the vent.

I thought the heater is a PTC type (resistive). That is what my delivery specialist told me after asking one of the techs at the delivery center. I really hoped that it used a heat pump. I hope I'm wrong!

Very. If TM doesn't gin up their own, this would fit the bill.