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What car is pictured in this article?

Good question. That's not Roadster, nor Model S, and I don't think it is Bluestar either. Four door setup points toward Model S, but it definitely is not that. I'm guessing some imaginary car some artist has put up from his mind using PSP.

Model S Signature line maybe? I seriously doubt it, and I lean more towards Timo's PSP model, but it's enough alike that it's remotely possible.

That picture is an old one (couple years?) ... when speculation ran wild prior to Model S being revealed.

I remember seeing that picture. I think it's a mock-up so artist did of what they hoped the Model S would look like before it was publicly unveiled. It's not a real Tesla product.

looks kind of like a GTR/roadster/panamera hybrid. but as everyone else said, as far as I can tell its just an artists impression/mock up