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Things I'd love to hear my Model S say to me (other than, "Oh, I love you too, Tom)

... still working on Siri to get her to say it, but i think it's hopeless.... anyway....

As I was checking out the new Tesla App, it occurred to me that it would be awesome to get an email or text alert when:
1. The battery charge gets below 10%, or some other per-determined level. This could avoid a battery disaster.

2. The charger is not plugged in after, say 10 minutes, of being parked at a location where the car normally gets charged (home and work). For those of us that forget to plug the car in, a reminder would be helpful.

3. When charging is complete. The five Leaf drivers at my office share two chargers. The emails that the Leaf sends out have been helpful to the five owners as they coordinate sharing the chargers. When one is charged, the owner gets an email and can move the charger to the next car. Hopefully, soon, there will a lot of Tesla's sharing chargers too!

As I think of what the email or text message would say for these things, I realize that my relationship with my Model S is a bit one-sided and it would be nice to develop a more intimate relationship with it. So, I think the messages should be personal, warm and entertaining. A few ideas follow. I’d love to hear other suggestions.

For #1 (low battery):
It’s so lonely and cold out here in the garage, and I’m feeling a bit run down. A good charge would make me feel better”

For #2 (not charging):
“Hi Tom, this is your Model S. I've been sitting in your garage for 10 minutes now, and I'm not feeling the power, baby. Did you forget about me?. You know I love a good 40 amp jolt after a hard day on the road.”

“That 0 to 60 in 4.4 was as much fun for me as was for you, but I’m beat and need a good long charge”

For #3 (charging is complete)
“Ah, that was great. I'm fully charged and ready for a good hard drive. You know I love it when you step on it. I'm ready when you are.

... still working on Siri to get her to say it, but i think it's hopeless.... anyway....

Have you seen the episode of Big Bang Theory that covers this very subject? It's hilarious!

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