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I don't think I am the only future Tesla S owner that has an addiction to hourly/daily/weekly Tesla updates of any size. I Google Tesla to see what I can find, I'm on the Tesla Club site to see if I can find any new topic or even just a small update on a topic. The worst is this forum site, even if I have only a few minutes at my office I'm checking updates. This addiction is driving me crazy, please get me my car! But then again will delivery of my car cause an extreme Overdose? Yikes!

I know exactly, what You talk about -)
Pure addiction! The car, the communication, the waiting time...
Strange times!

Addicted, I'm not addicted, wait, DON'T YOU DARE TAKE MY TESLA FORUM ACCESS AWAY! :D

I lie to myself and call it a healthy addiction. I almost find myself believable!

get amped tour from yesterday... complete including pre-briefing -)

There is an Irish saying "The only cure for love is marriage". The only cure for this addiction is delivery (hoping my cure is late November or December).

LOL@KJR4235, "The only cure for this addiction is delivery" I like that!

You can setup Google Alerts using the keyword, tesla or other and have results emailed to you daily. You will receive tsla stock related info as well in the alerts.


I'm guilty as well.

@Whity - "This is awesome" doesn't get old. :)

Emailed? Daily? Shirley, you jest!

That implies daily stretches of perhaps 20 hrs. cold turkey!! No, sorry, not happening, no chance, fuggedaboudit.

My 7 year old daughter told me I was obsessed. Scary! Who taught her that word?

I took her straight to this thread so she could see I wasn't the only one.

OMG! A 7-yr old is reading this? What were you thinking? That's a demographic too far, methinks. >:(

Why would not 7-yr old read this forum? I bet there are quite a few kids reading this forum: only writing requires registration. Makes you think twice before posting anything too adult here, doesn't it?

@mdennick, kids seem to learn earlier these days, I suspect my sisters daughter could read at age three, and now at school she is getting bored because there's no challenge to her. Only seven but acts more like twelve. Every now and then she does something that reminds me that "oh, she's still only a kid". Be careful what you let her do especially with the computer, child is a child even with wide vocabulary, and net is full of stuff kids should not see (letting her in here is no crime, but if she knows how to use computer she might find other much worse places quite easily).

The guy at the Tesla dealership just got a restraining order against me. "Stalking" is not a crime against objects!

@kevin, that was a joke, right?

But the Model S doesn't have an antenna so stalking shouldn't be an issue.

@jerry3: Ug, that pun took a lot of


Who's Shirley?

@Brian H

Forgot the smiley :)

Need an edit feature!

One cure would be for Tesla to put up the reservation numbers being delivered this week. I know they would never do it because it exposes their delivery to the stock analyst. I would love to see a counter when I sign onto the site Serving this week Reservation holders 215 - 265.

The approved "Airport" retort is, "Don't call me Shirley". Except in this case, it might come out "Don't call me, surely!" Very confus/ed/ing. [Deliberately so, I assure you!] :)

Overweight unshaven 'salesman' in tee shirt in youtube clip.

Very very sloppy marketing for a 'try hard' premium brand!


You would NEVER see that at BMW,Jaguar etc.

It's not an addiction. I'm merely amplifying the excitement of the anticipation phase of getting my model S.

I can tell that I'm not addicted because I sleep at night (well, not tonight).

I'm not addicted. I log off every night before going to bed. As for the car, my response is "How can I be addicted to something I don't have yet?"

Denial-- not just a river in Egypt.

I deny that. Of course, I want to become addicted.

Lots of people become hooked on addiction.

Get a life. They are demo reps for a Silicon Valley tech startup. Stuffed BMW shirts would have been hilariously out of place.

11 PM and yes.. I'm here looking for new posts and reading old ones. I'm Ill. Is there no cure? Geez!! I gotta get a life .. Or a Model S

Yes, waiting for my RED S to come is frustrating. I too just keep reading other posts.