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The No problems LIST : )

10,000 kms , in 70 days and no problems

The "E" and the "I" aren't even close to each other!!

1100 miles, 1 month, no problems only pure bliss.

1,000 miles of flawless, thrilling performance. Wife is loving it.

4,500 miles, no problems other than pano roof gasket needing to be reglued. Loving it. Will buy another, and another...

1500 miles, only a minor problem with Bluetooth not importing contacts to Tesla from iphone. Fixed remotely in 15 minutes. Flawless, including prompt courteous service. Still a magic carpet every day! Hours of pure bliss. Model S is one BEAUTIFUL car!

3500 miles and 5 trouble free months. I feel so lucky after reading the through the forum on a regular basis. Then again with 10,000+ cars on the road the number of complaints is pretty small for a new car.

A little over 6,000 miles. The only problem I had was with one of the door handles. A Tesla Ranger came out and fixed it within an hour, and wasn't even wearing his mask!

5K miles in four months without an issue. Sold and patiently waiting for its Red/Black P85+ replacement.


Now my post doesn't make any sense.

Well, I guess it fits in with the rest of them.

11.000km in 62 days - half in the US, half in Europe - no mechanical or electrical problems, but a little stress crack in the windshield :-(
But the car is awesome even on the German Autobahn. You can easily cruise at or above 170 km/h and enjoy a great handling and still decent milage. EVERYBODY loves it - had more that 200 people riding with me or test driving the car themselves.

I made trips throughout Europe with, but I cannot tell you how much I wait for the first SuperChargers to arrive here!

Just think of other new car companies' initial models: Yugo, Hyundai, etc. Getting the MS right is quite an accomplishment.

4 months, 3500 miles, one contact with service because AT&T had a network problem and Slacker wasn't working.

While the novelty of the vehicle and the unique design makes you wonder what surprises may be in store, it appears that for nearly all of us, we will just enjoy our daily drives much more than we ever had.

Recent conversation with friend who is an owner of an 8 year old Audi S4 which has provided relatively maintenance free driving reminded me that the real difference for us Tesla owners will be down the road. We won't be worrying about valve seals/piston rings/fuel injector system/transmission after a decade of driving. The MS will continue to purr along just as reliably as it does today. Remarkable.

Nice work!

2.5 months, 3500 miles, no problems... I'm calling DIBS on the first GenIII reservation!

5 months and 6000 miles blissful miles. Also just came back from a road trip from LA to Palm Desert ~150 each way, no issues. I want a Model X, but can't afford it after the S purchase. Maybe GEN III.

850 miles in 16 days: absolutely no problems!

3000 miles in 1 month, no problems.

180 days and absolutely no problems. No doubt it is the best car in the world today.

Since December 11, no problems worth commenting on.

Four months, no problems worth a mention.

6 months, 12,000 miles, no significant issues to speak of - Priceless!

All minor ones are software and have been addressed or will be addressed, which is more than I can say for any other auto maker I have dealt with or heard of.

1200 miles of pure joy and no mechanical or electrical issues. Have had to reboot twice.
(But watch your 21 inch wheels and raise the car when parking).

2500 miles and ~3 months; only minor issue with TPMS. Loving it more every day.

Over 9000 miles and six months. No towing, no battery issues, always arrived on time (before other drivers because of the HOV lanes!)

I did have one stop today on the road. To help a lady who ran out of gas in her ICE car! She said, "Your car is electric!" Her cell phone was dead and she asked if I could charge it in my car. I explained, "Your car battery is fine, it still has power if you run of of gas!" Problem solved.

4 months, ~5000 miles - not a thing. Oh, I think once I had to press the door handle twice.

3 mo 6K mi, nothing to worry about. Finally ran into my first fellow MS owner in person at the restaurant valet in LA. "How do you like your blue one?" "[Rave]" "We love our white one". [Rave, rave, rave].

6K+ miles. No complaints. Still have the tesla grin ...

4+ months, 6000+ miles, and no complaints at all! Had two "Tesla Time" moments in the past two days (that's a lot, for me)--very amusing. One was a guy walking up to me saying "do you totally love it?!?!?!" The other was someone going to Costco who had seen me park and asked Qs until we were in the store and going in different directions. His wife just smiled indulgently at us. ;-)


It's OT, I know, but can you post your real-world Wh/km @170 km/h. What would you estimate to be the range at those sort of speeds?

Five months ninteen days (4,500 miles)of unadulterated bliss. Drives like a dream and can't seem to lose my Tesla grin. After settling down and learning how to more efficiently drive this incredible vehicle, I have averaged 286 w/mile over last 1000 miles.