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Model S post the factory upgrade

Does anyone know if the Model S will have any changes post the factory upgrade? I know won't be massive things but given the assembly can accommodate M S and M X just curious if there are any smaller common changes that we can expect.

I heard they are adding a line of coat-hook robots.

@PotomacEV We don't know nothin' and Tesla is quite excellent at keeping it that way.

I heard they are adding another frunk

It will be called the front frunk

Does the new front frunk have cup holders.

Gull wing doors for everyone! :)

I expect minimal changes, if any. Setting up a new line is an undertaking in itself and their team will have much to tackle as they fire it up.

The answer to today's cup holder question is no :-(

Apparently there will be a change to the matter-antimatter reactor and a smaller change to the main warp engines. Not sure about the photon torpedo option or voice command of "Shields to full Yarnell".

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@rheumboy: they'll have to call it the funk.

I'm in a funk now :-p

Since I'm taking delivery later this month, I asked my delivery specialist that question shortly before the shutdown. He told me that only the factory was bring changed, not the vehicles.

sccrendo - I am with you on the cupholders. There isn't a usable cup holder in the car anywhere!

Usually, when you set up a new line, you want to eliminate new variables (like product changes) to recover a stable baseline.

It wouldn't be silly for them to bring up the new line with exactly the same specs first, and then roll in changes after they were smoothly humming along at 1,000 / week.

Didn't they add sun visor lighting with the new line upgrade?

Based on my conversations with 'sources close to Tesla', I wouldn't be surprised if there aren't a lot of small (probably not very noticeable) changes. One specific noticeable example is the change to the aluminum bezel around the speedo/dash - it was redesigned to be thinner for the RHD cars, and the new line will be set up that way for all cars. There are probably hundreds of component and manufacturing improvements that will come with the new line.

Having said that, cars have been constantly tweaked since day one (e.g., Elon's admission that cars now are 'several hundred pounds lighter' than the original cars) so although the August-forward cars will be different than the July cars, the July cars were probably different than the June cars and so on back to June 2012.

Any word on new options?

I heard that the Model S is going to come with an optional shuttlecraft hangar: When you need a miniature Model S for one person to go just a short distance (no more than 20 miles), you can launch from the trunk and get the short-range errands done. When finished, return to the hangar.

It will fit in the space where the optional child seats go.

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Wow all the infantile comments about cup holders or coat hooks really makes it much easier to get useful information pertaining to the OP's legitimate question. Thanks so much because if you have no need for things you deride about how dare anyone else want them -- right? :)

OP, thanks for asking this question as I have been wondering myself. I'm hoping since the MS and MX share the same platform that eventually we will get an AWD MS from the new production line.

I hear there's a new hook to hold the big hair wig in place while the car is in motion...

@WEB_SRFR, did you not read the second post?

J.T. | AUGUST 3, 2014
@PotomacEV We don't know nothin' and Tesla is quite excellent at keeping it that way.

Since we don't know, the OP can ask Tesla. If Tesla isn't forthcoming with any answer, then what?

That is why sometimes these type of posts turn into cupholders threads...