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I miss my MS!!

So I've been on vacation since July 6 at a very nice spot in Florida (and believe me, I'm not complaining about that), but I can't resist checking on my MS that's stationed in my garage back home. I mean checking every day! Of course I'm driving a rental (VW Jetta), and driving the rental is driving me nuts! I keep reaching for the stalk for forward and reverse, cursing under my breath at the primitive machine. But mostly I just miss having the MS -- this is like missing one's kids or wife -- I'd never have believed that I would miss a piece of equipment, but there it is. I miss the damn thing every day, and can't wait to get back and able to drive it. Does anybody have a name for this?

Tesla Psychosis

Fortunately, there is no cure.

There is a cure for Tesla Psychosis. but it's quite extreme.

Enterprise has begun renting Model S in certain locations :-))

where ya from, I can go and keep your Tesla company for a few days while you bask in the sun :)

and do you not just love the-
jerking back and forth as the rental shifts
that little stink that fills the air when you start it
the need to fiddle with everything under the sun (you are in Florida) to get the darn thing to actually move
the wait for things to "warm up" before actually using any meaningful acceleration
the lack of any meaningful acceleration even after EVERYTHING is warmed up
the sauna like warming of your garage when you get home

I could go on and on here but I think you get the point.

@lola: how many days left for your P+? 1 or 2? Any sleeping issues? :)

Saturday but I'm suspecting a push (to keep from being disappointed).

oh, it's MS #2 and the waiting does not get any easier.

Best of luck to you! The little boy in you has certainly taken over by now, rigth?

3rd day in a roadster loaner but I still miss my MS

Thursday evening and still no call to push delivery... I bet they wait to the last minute.

Yeah, I sorely missed MS when I was driving between SF and Milpitas for TESLIVE. It's not the first time I had to do something like that, but it never gets any easier. Elon should invent a hyperloop that will fit the Model S so I can take it with me wherever I go.

Heh. You can push this "expect the worst and you'll never be disappointed" too far, you know.

Car unloaded at Dania and undergoing PDI. Tomorrow AM pick up confirmed.

@lola can't wait to hear your analysis. Man it's going to be tough to convince the wife to take my P85 so I can buy the +... new kitchen that'll do it!